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Fallcrest findings 10 Shinakeche

What I have discovered so far about humans

Fallcrest anatake (fa-le-ka-re-sa-tu)

(Translated from the Ame Khane language)

I have been in Fallcrest for several days now, observing the inhabitants and trying to find a place for myself. I have discovered many interesting and useful things.

First, they value gold. I brought along a great many possible trade items and materials but I did not expect them to be quite so enthusiastic about this useless metal. The implications of this discovery are obvious, I think, for economic interaction, but not so obvious from a sociological perspective. It is pervasive, however — whether human, halfling, dwarf, elf, or other, they all seem to place a very high value on gold. Silver less so and iron even less. It is as though value is an inverse of utility for them, based only on scarcity.

Next, they are fiercely independent and they will avoid seeking out authorities and officials to help solve even the most obviously community-interest problems. By way of example, we recently participated in an altercation in one of their temples where some priests were killed and some kind of shape-changer was defeated. At no time did anyone involved think to contact the skilled and trained guards of the town to assist or even to report the incident. Instead we left the temple full of corpses and chose to take care of the fallout from this incident ourselves. This is very confusing and I will explore it further — it is possible that the authority here either does not exist or is not trustworthy. This in turn implies a very primitive method of rulership, perhaps even a monarchy.

Arcane magic is used frivolously. They seem to have no idea that it is a non-renewable resource.

They worship zethaka as though they were instances of God. Now certainly the zethaka are very powerful and should they demand obeisance one would have no choice but to obey, but there does not seem to be any direct connection here. Rather these people beg for favours and intercession and the zethaka supply “miraculous” effects through those most skilled at communicating. Our efforts to avoid the attention of any zethaka might have disconnected us from a source of power that would not affect Lusts. This could be very powerful indeed. They have no concept of God, however, and real holiness is completely outside their experience.

They will kill without qualm and without personal effect. They would be very dangerous opponents on the battlefield as we could not rely on any honourable resolutions on the field. Rather they will happily fight to the death, employing any tactics that will achieve success. There is little or no introspection. I will recommend against any conflict for earnestly engaging humans would certainly result in a Migration.

Until I learn more, I remain your humble servant.

Shendai anatake



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