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Rhys Mayberry Can't Speak

[8:44pm] BadlandsBill: ((You are all sitting in Henley’s Tavern.))
[8:44pm] BadlandsBill: ((From the outside, it appeared to be a relatively unremarkable stone building.))
[8:44pm] gamefiend: arbiter, is it crowded?
[8:44pm] Arbiter: gamefiend: No.
[8:45pm] BadlandsBill: ((The Common Room’s paneled walls, heavy beams, and well-worn wooden floors attest to the tavern’s age.))
[8:45pm] Atminn: Arbiter Is it daytime?
[8:45pm] Arbiter: Atminn: Yes.
[8:45pm] BadlandsBill: ((The walls are covered with layers of bric-a-brac accumulated over the course of three centuries.))
[8:45pm] BadlandsBill: ((In one corner, 8 old men debate something furiously.))
[8:45pm] BJMurray: ((I’d bring wormy in here but the risk of an infobot loop is high))
[8:45pm] Atminn: Arbiter Am I already drunk?
[8:45pm] Arbiter: Atminn: No.
[8:46pm] gamefiend is now known as Peso.
[8:46pm] • BadlandsBill walks up. He is a human in his mid-teens, who looks harried.

[8:46pm] BadlandsBill: Hello, boys. Take any table you want.
[8:46pm] • Peso staggers into Henley’s.
[8:47pm] BadlandsBill: It’s a quiet night up here, so the girls are helping out in Wild Side.
[8:47pm] • Peso looks around with his one good eye. At least it won’t be hard to find a seat.
[8:47pm] • BadlandsBill leans in conspiratorially.
[8:47pm] • Peso sits down.
[8:47pm] BadlandsBill: Whatever you do, don’t interrupt the Gang of Eight over there!
[8:47pm] BadlandsBill: They’ll talk your ears off!
[8:48pm] • BadlandsBill points Peso to the menu that’s carved high in the wall, which includes several dozen items.
[8:49pm] Peso: (arbiter, are any of the items appealing?)
[8:49pm] Peso: (Arbiter, are any of the items appealing?)
[8:49pm] Peso: Arbiter, are any of the items appealing?
[8:49pm] Arbiter: Peso: Yes.
[8:49pm] BadlandsBill: ((Other than the three men, there are two tall men sitting at a table near the near the door.))
[8:50pm] BadlandsBill: ((They’re eating heartily, but looking at you with interest.))
[8:50pm] Peso: I’ll take some a that sup you have there.
[8:50pm] Atminn: (do the ()‘s throw him off?)
[8:50pm] BJMurray: ((looks like it))
[8:50pm] BadlandsBill: Meat? We’ve got dragon steak, roast lamb, venison, rabbit, braised owlbear, griffin, Henley’s Stew, and Wild Boar Sandwich.
[8:50pm] Peso: ( Arbiter, are the gang of eight looking for a fight? )
[8:51pm] Peso: ( wow, it really does. I wasn’t sure if it just needed a space)
[8:51pm] Peso: dragon steak, please.
[8:51pm] • BadlandsBill nods and retreats to the kitchen.
[8:51pm] • Peso looks a little unsettled by the attentions of the Gang of Eight
[8:51pm] Peso: I mean, uhm , right now, dammit
[8:51pm] BadlandsBill: ((No, the two tall men are interested in you, not the Gang of Eight.))
[8:52pm] Atminn left the chat room. (“ ajax IRC Client”)
[8:52pm] • Peso tries to look tough.
[8:52pm] • BadlandsBill yells from the kitchen, “I’ll be right THERE, sir. Dragon takes a few minutes to cook!”
[8:52pm] Atminn joined the chat room.
[8:52pm] You are now known as Andre.
[8:53pm] • Andre – the lighter-skinned of the two tall men – stands and walks smoothly over to Peso. His stockier companion trails behind him.
[8:53pm] • Andre smiles smoothly.
[8:53pm] Andre: Good evening, traveler! Have you just arrived in Fallcrest?
[8:53pm] Keln joined the chat room.
[8:54pm] Keln: Arbiter, is it raining?
[8:54pm] Arbiter: Keln: Yes. However, a new twist appears, involving excitement with evil.
[8:54pm] • Andre giggles strangely, his eyes flashing.
[8:54pm] Keln: The doors swing open just as a flash of lightning blasts the sky. With a boom, Keln strides in, soaking wet.
[8:55pm] You are now known as BadlandsBill.
[8:55pm] • BadlandsBill rushes out of the kitchen, addressing Peso in passing.
[8:55pm] Peso: greetings! I’ve been here a few days on business.
[8:55pm] BadlandsBill: Your dragon steak will be out in a minute, sir!
[8:55pm] • BadlandsBill address Keln.
[8:55pm] • Keln raises an eyebrow
[8:55pm] BadlandsBill: Good evening, sir! Take any table you’d like. Can I start you off with something to wet your insides as well as your outsides?
[8:55pm] Keln: “Drink! Meat!”
[8:56pm] You are now known as Andre.
[8:56pm] • Keln strides to a table and sits, deftly sweeping his black cloak out of the way.
[8:56pm] Andre: Good, good! How do you like Fallcrest?
[8:56pm] You are now known as BadlandsBill.
[8:56pm] • Peso shrugs
[8:56pm] Keln: “A backwater no-place.”
[8:56pm] BadlandsBill: You see the food up there. Would you like ale, wine, or something lighter?
[8:56pm] • BadlandsBill looks Klen up and down.
[8:57pm] BadlandsBill: Er, probably not something lighter.
[8:57pm] • Peso looks nervously over ath the gang of eight.
[8:57pm] • BadlandsBill stiffens at the insult.
[8:57pm] You are now known as Andre.
[8:57pm] Peso: not as, uh, friendly as I like
[8:57pm] • Andre laughs, a bit too loudly.
[8:57pm] Andre: Oh, don’t worry about them! They’re just a bunch of dusty sages.
[8:57pm] Andre: They’re in here practically every night, arguing about the strangest things.
[8:58pm] Andre: So, business you say? What brings you to Fallcrest, then?
[8:58pm] You are now known as BadlandsBill.
[8:58pm] • Keln mutters. “Sorry, no offense. It’s crap wether and a crap day and I didn’t intend to be here and there’s woman waiting for me a thousand miles in the other direction from where I’m headed.”
[8:58pm] Peso: ( ah, I totlally missed that these two guys are interested in me)
[8:58pm] Peso: ( just backscrollled and caught it – my bad)
[8:58pm] Peso: ( doing too much )
[8:58pm] BadlandsBill: We have Dwarven Ale, a Pot of Pop’s, Crivakk, Hedda’s Gold, Muaramen’s Deep Red, and Choke-it-Downs.
[8:58pm] • BadlandsBill relaxes.
[8:58pm] BadlandsBill: Well, I’m sure we can cheer you up here, sir.
[8:59pm] Keln: “Strongest of the lot for me, ’keep.”
[8:59pm] • BadlandsBill looks back nervously at the kitchen.
[8:59pm] BadlandsBill: Right.
[8:59pm] • BadlandsBill retreats into the kitchen.
[8:59pm] You are now known as Andre.
[8:59pm] Andre: Oh, pardon, I haven’t introduced myself.
[8:59pm] Andre: I’m Andre Prinoor, and this is my brother Horse.
[8:59pm] Andre: We’re both involved in……business.
[8:59pm] • Andre grins again, somewhat unpleasantly.
[9:00pm] Peso: ( changinhg name to Pesot btw)
[9:00pm] Peso is now known as Pesot.
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[9:00pm] Keln: Arbiter, is this a coastal town?
[9:00pm] Arbiter: Keln: No.
[9:00pm] Andre: Arbiter, does Andre know Pesot?
[9:00pm] Arbiter: Andre: Hell no.
[9:00pm] ArcaneGeek joined the chat room.
[9:00pm] Pesot: Hi Andre, hi uh, Horse?
[9:00pm] You are now known as Horse.
[9:00pm] • Horse grunts.
[9:00pm] You are now known as Andre.
[9:01pm] Andre: You’ll have to forgive my brother. He’s…not the most sanguine of people.
[9:01pm] Pesot: I take it you are regulars here?
[9:01pm] Andre: Ah, yes, we’re here…most nights, wouldn’t you say, Horse?
[9:01pm] You are now known as Horse.
[9:01pm] • Horse nods.
[9:01pm] You are now known as Andre.
[9:01pm] Andre: Arbiter, does the Gang of Eight know Keln?
[9:01pm] Arbiter: Andre: No.
[9:01pm] Keln: ((whew!))
[9:02pm] Pesot: ( what do the gang of eight look like)
[9:02pm] Andre: So, what is it you said you did, my friend?
[9:02pm] Andre: ((They’re old, dressed in the equivalent of wizard’s robes, a mixture of humans, elves, and Eladrin.))
[9:03pm] You are now known as GangOfEight.
[9:03pm] Pesot: arbiter: are the gang of eight dangerous?
[9:03pm] Arbiter: Pesot: No.
[9:03pm] Pesot: ( dusy sages indeed )
[9:03pm] GangOfEight: It’s like I’ve said COUNTLESS times, Brianbar, the universality of black magic is a constant!
[9:04pm] GangOfEight: Hardly a constant! Hardly a constant! I’ve seen small variants countless times—
[9:04pm] GangOfEight: You and your “small variants!”
[9:04pm] You are now known as Andre.
[9:04pm] • Andre sighs.
[9:04pm] You are now known as BadlandsBill.
[9:05pm] • BadlandsBill returns with a steaming plate of thick steak and sets it down at Pesot’s table.
[9:05pm] • BadlandsBill takes a similar plate and sits it in front of Keln, along with a mug.
[9:05pm] BadlandsBill: Arbiter, does Keln notice what’s in the bottom of the mug?
[9:05pm] Arbiter: BadlandsBill: No.
[9:05pm] BadlandsBill: ((Oooookay!))
[9:06pm] Pesot: Thanks Bill!
[9:06pm] BadlandsBill: You’re welcome, sir.
[9:06pm] • Pesot tears into the dragon steak
[9:06pm] • BadlandsBill blinks.
[9:06pm] BadlandsBill: How did you know my name?!?
[9:06pm] • Keln drains his mug.
[9:07pm] BadlandsBill: ((Keln nearly swallows a rock that was at the bottom of the mug.))
[9:07pm] Pesot: Oh, I overheard one of the patrons say it.
[9:07pm] • Keln spits out the rock. “You weren’t kidding about this being strong. I’ll have another.”
[9:07pm] BadlandsBill: Arbiter, does Keln get sick from drinking the ale in one go?
[9:07pm] Arbiter: BadlandsBill: No.
[9:07pm] BadlandsBill: Wow. Um, certainly, sir.
[9:08pm] Atminn is now known as Wattle.
[9:08pm] • BadlandsBill goes over to a nearby door and yells down, “Need some help up here!”
[9:08pm] You are now known as Andre.
[9:08pm] • Andre sniffs at being ignored by Pesot.
[9:09pm] • Andre walks over to Keln.
[9:09pm] Wattle: That can’t really be steak from a dragon. What did you sidle up to its flank and hack off a chunk?
[9:09pm] • ArcaneGeek enters the front door of the establishment. It wasn’t very politic to part the shadows and simply appear in the corner table, no matter how dark the corner. People always noticed that guy, the one walking in the door is invisible.
[9:09pm] Keln: Arbiter, can I be an airship pilot?
[9:09pm] Arbiter: Keln: Yes. However, a new twist appears, involving gambling with a woman.
[9:09pm] Andre: How about you, good sir?
[9:09pm] Andre: ((one sec))
[9:09pm] Keln: “Hmm, sorry, what about me?”
[9:10pm] Keln: “Feeling a little dizzy.”
[9:10pm] • Keln looks around suspiciously.
[9:10pm] • Wattle has been here a while but is generally forgettable
[9:10pm] ArcaneGeek is now known as ArcVembris.
[9:10pm] You are now known as Aylwen.
[9:11pm] • Aylwen appears in the doorway Bill just left. She’s a beautiful, blond girl of about 19, dressed in a waitresses’ outfit.
[9:11pm] • Keln stands, a little unsteadily. “Looking for a woman. A big, red-headed, thief. Suspiciously good with dice.”
[9:11pm] • Aylwen sees Arcane and quickly goes up to him.
[9:11pm] • Aylwen freezes at Keln’s words, glances at him nervously, then goes up to ArcVembris.
[9:12pm] Aylwen: Good day, sir! Take any table you like. Can I be gettin’ you something?
[9:12pm] You are now known as Bill.
[9:12pm] Keln: “Not just any such woman, mind you, but a very specific one.”
[9:12pm] • ArcVembris loves when he has this effect on women
[9:12pm] • Bill fires off at Wattle:
[9:12pm] Bill: This is Fallcrest! You’d be surprised what we can buy from folks who come in here.
[9:13pm] ArcVembris: “I’m thinking of a number of things right at the moment, but I’ll start with the house ale.”
[9:13pm] You are now known as Andre.
[9:13pm] Andre: I can see why, sir! That’s quite the ale you drank. Headknockers, I think they call it.
[9:13pm] • Keln turns to Vembris. “Careful of the rocks, friend. It’s good ale, mind, but a little gritty.”
[9:13pm] You are now known as Aylwen.
[9:13pm] Aylwen: Of course, sir!
[9:14pm] • Aylwen sweeps into the kitchen and returns with another mug for Keln.
[9:14pm] You are now known as Andre.
[9:14pm] • Keln sips this time.
[9:14pm] ArcVembris: “thanks for the advice friend, each pub seems to have its own local flavor”
[9:14pm] Andre: Allow me to introduce myself, sir. My name is Andre Prinoor, and this is my friend Horse.
[9:14pm] WolfSamurai joined the chat room.
[9:14pm] Andre: ((oops))
[9:14pm] Andre: Allow me to introduce myself, sir. My name is Andre Prinoor, and this is my brother, Horse.
[9:15pm] You are now known as Aylwen.
[9:15pm] • Aylwen brings ArcVembris a mug that contains a pale ale.
[9:16pm] Keln: ((incidentally, you can get wormy to dice and send the results to the GM only. You won’t see them. Not sure if that’s useful))
[9:16pm] • ArcVembris tips his waitress and finds a central table to enjoy his ale from. He adjusts the blade at his hip so as not to obstruct his seat
[9:17pm] You are now known as Andre.
[9:17pm] Andre: …and you are?
[9:17pm] You are now known as Aylwen.
[9:17pm] • Aylwen lingers at ArcVembris’s table.
[9:17pm] Aylwen: You’re an unusual one. Been in Fallcrest long?
[9:18pm] ArcVembris: “In and out for a few weeks, I don’t linger in town for long, but I’ve been happy to return.”
[9:19pm] Aylwen: Interesting.
[9:19pm] • Aylwen puts a hand into a pocket.
[9:20pm] • Aylwen pulls it out suddenly, and two dice fall onto the floor.
[9:20pm] • Aylwen freezes.
[9:20pm] • Keln looks up.
[9:20pm] ArcVembris: “I’ve been taking a few odds jobs to run out to the town. Two weeks ago I had an extended stay in the town’s catacombs, but I was all too glad to get a hot bath afterward.”
[9:20pm] Keln: “You always been blonde?”
[9:20pm] Keln: Arbiter, does Aylwen look like that rogue that cheated him out of his airship?
[9:20pm] Arbiter: Keln: No.
[9:21pm] • ArcVembris sips his ale
[9:21pm] • Aylwen glances at Keln nervously.
[9:21pm] Aylwen: I…of course!
[9:21pm] • Aylwen swallows.
[9:21pm] • Keln squints at Aylwen. “Maybe not. Maybe so. You’re too short though. I think.”
[9:21pm] • Aylwen quickly pockets the dice.
[9:21pm] Aylwen: Of course!
[9:22pm] Aylwen: I’m certainly not the girl you’re looking for, Keln.
[9:22pm] ArcVembris: “I once heard a tale about this woman, brazen as a genie. She was a burglar by trade, would take any challenge. that’s how she thought of her work really, as a challenge.”
[9:23pm] You are now known as Andre.
[9:23pm] Andre: Aye, I’ve heard that story!
[9:23pm] Andre: I heard she was a master of disguise, too!
[9:23pm] Andre: …
[9:23pm] • Keln studies Aylwen.
[9:24pm] ArcVembris: “I caught sight of her once in a bar, lovely as they come, but always a look in her eye like she knew more than you did.”
[9:24pm] • Keln looks over at Vembris. “What’s your name, friend?”
[9:24pm] Andre: Ah-ha! Ah-hahahaha.
[9:24pm] Andre: I, uh, think I smell something burning!
[9:25pm] ArcVembris: “I go by Arc. Arc Vembris at your service.”
[9:25pm] • Andre races into the kitchen, nearly knocking over Badlands Bill as he walks out.
[9:25pm] You are now known as BadlandsBill.
[9:25pm] BadlandsBill: (((whoops))
[9:25pm] Keln: “Please, Arc. I’m Keln. Ex-airship pilot. Now not much of anything.”
[9:25pm] You are now known as Aylwen.
[9:25pm] Aylwen: Ah-ha! Ah-hahahhaha.
[9:25pm] Aylwen: I, uh, think I smell something burning!
[9:25pm] • Aylwen races into the kitchen, nearly knocking over Badlands Bill as he walks out.
[9:25pm] You are now known as BadlandsBill.
[9:25pm] • BadlandsBill looks at Aylwen strangely as she rushes past.
[9:26pm] BadlandsBill: Airship pilot?
[9:26pm] • BadlandsBill rushes over to Keln.
[9:26pm] BadlandsBill: Really? Wow.
[9:26pm] BadlandsBill: What’s it like?
[9:26pm] • Keln looks up at Bill. “It’s the worst thing in the world to not do any more.”
[9:26pm] ArcVembris: “How do you land an air-ship, if you don’t mind me asking?”
[9:27pm] Keln: “Well, that’s a good question, Arc. You don’t land ’em, really. You tie ’em off at an arrival mast and drop a ladder or a rope.”
[9:27pm] Keln: “The posh don’t like that much, but I mostly hauled lumber from the camps.”
[9:28pm] ArcVembris: “If you don’t land, how d’you get it up there?”
[9:29pm] BadlandsBill: Why don’t you do it anymore?
[9:29pm] Keln: “I’m not really up on the gadgetry of that, I’m afraid, but they fill it with a gas or aether or something. It expands and rises. It’s not cheap this stuff, so you don’t want to dump it.”
[9:29pm] • Keln looks to Bill. “I lost her in a game of dice to a cheating whore.”
[9:29pm] ArcVembris: “Hoo, must’ve been some special lumber.”
[9:30pm] Keln: “Lets you cut in volume from lumber camps that aren’t on a river. You can move a lot of lumber that way.”
[9:30pm] You are now known as Andre.
[9:30pm] • Andre returns in a humph to his table.
[9:30pm] Keln: “Doesn’t have to be special to pay, but it helps, sure.”
[9:31pm] Andre: Arbiter, was the lumber special?
[9:31pm] Arbiter: Andre: No. However, a new twist appears, involving silence with a lord.
[9:31pm] Keln: “Anyway, now I’m walking to the coast so I can get home and start over. After I drink myself stupid.”
[9:31pm] Keln: ((oo, tough one but interesting))
[9:32pm] ArcVembris: ((Is this the opposite of audience with a lord?))
[9:32pm] You are now known as RhysMayberry.
[9:32pm] Keln: ((maybe a lord who should be speaking up but isn’t? or one that’s missing?))
[9:32pm] • RhysMayberry strides in the door. He’s a tall, imposing, rather overweight man dressed in lovely clothes.
[9:32pm] ArcVembris: (( a botched level 1 ritual?))
[9:32pm] Wattle: ((or a lord that won’t speak to you anymore: exile))
[9:33pm] Keln: ((nice; yes))
[9:33pm] Keln: Arbiter, do I know Rhys?
[9:33pm] Arbiter: Keln: Hell yes.
[9:33pm] • ArcVembris admires lovely clothes, the man less so
[9:33pm] • RhysMayberry points at Keln!
[9:33pm] • Keln stands and spreads his arms wide. “Mayberry!”
[9:33pm] • RhysMayberry walks over to Keln and points at himself.
[9:34pm] • RhysMayberry rolls his eyes, then turns and motions to the door.
[9:34pm] You are now known as Buddy.
[9:34pm] • Buddy is a small toadie of a man.
[9:34pm] Buddy: Yes sir! Yes sir! Terribly sorry sir.
[9:34pm] • Keln laughs. “What, charades? Come on, sit down, tell me a story, Mayberry!”
[9:34pm] Buddy: I’m afraid he can’t, sir.
[9:35pm] Buddy: My lord has been vilely—and without any provocation, mind—cursed and exiled!
[9:35pm] Buddy: Oh, the pain!
[9:36pm] • Keln looks appalled. “Oh my goodness, Mayberry, they finally really got you where it hurts.”
[9:36pm] • Keln laughs and laughs.
[9:36pm] You are now known as RhysMayberry.
[9:36pm] • RhysMayberry looks nearly apoplectic with rage.
[9:36pm] • RhysMayberry motions to Buddy.
[9:36pm] You are now known as Buddy.
[9:36pm] Buddy: He…doesn’t like that very much, sir.
[9:36pm] Buddy: And would really rather you stop doing that.
[9:36pm] You are now known as RhysMayberr.
[9:36pm] You are now known as RhysMayberry.
[9:37pm] • RhysMayberry cuffs Buddy.
[9:37pm] You are now known as Buddy.
[9:37pm] Buddy: Sorry, sir.
[9:37pm] Buddy: He objects most vehemently.
[9:37pm] Buddy: He was hoping you could help him, sir.
[9:38pm] Keln: “Of course I’d do anything for Mayberry!” Keln grins. “What are you paying, for starters?”
[9:38pm] Buddy: A hundred gold.
[9:39pm] Keln: Arbiter, is that a lot for me?
[9:39pm] Arbiter: Keln: Hell yes. However, a new twist appears, involving silence with pain.
[9:39pm] Buddy: For each person who will bring the villainous swine who tricked my lord to justice!
[9:39pm] • ArcVembris sits up straight
[9:39pm] • Keln goes wide-eyed. “I could use that. Tell me more Mayberry!” Keln stifles a laugh.
[9:39pm] You are now known as RhysMayberry.
[9:39pm] Wattle is now known as Atminn.
[9:40pm] • RhysMayberry goes purple, and in lieu of attacking Keln, whacks Buddy.
[9:40pm] You are now known as Buddy.
[9:40pm] Buddy: …Ow.
[9:40pm] Buddy: Would you please not provoke my lord like that, sir?
[9:40pm] Keln: “Sorry, sorry. Of course.”
[9:41pm] Buddy: As you know, my Lord Mayberry is part of the Outer Vale Alliance, the pact of five lords who have pledged to protect each other in times of war and distress.
[9:42pm] Buddy: They were at council two days ago, when a dying man rode into town.
[9:42pm] Buddy: In his hand he clutched a paper.
[9:42pm] Buddy: A paper with proof that my Lord Mayberry was plotting against the other four, to weaken them and take their lands!
[9:43pm] Keln: “And was he?” Keln looks seriously into Mayberry’s eyes.
[9:43pm] • Buddy looks affronted.
[9:43pm] Buddy: Certainly not, sir!
[9:43pm] • Buddy looks nervously at Mayberry.
[9:43pm] You are now known as RhysMayberry.
[9:43pm] • RhysMayberry nods.
[9:43pm] You are now known as Buddy.
[9:43pm] Keln: Arbiter, has Mayberry ever lied big to me or a friend?
[9:43pm] Arbiter: Keln: No.
[9:44pm] Buddy: It was a forgery, of course. But the other lords arose and cursed my most innocent Lord Mayberry, banishing him and taking his lands for their own!
[9:44pm] Pesot: (( I think if you are playing multiple characters you might want to make a seperate connection into just Fallcrest
[9:45pm] Pesot: (( constant name swapping fills #4eDnD ))
[9:45pm] Keln: ((I do that just for one, for that matter))
[9:45pm] Buddy: Even worse, they had that old bat Wyrmtongue curse my lord so that he can no longer speak!
[9:45pm] ArcVembris: “this sounds rather abrupt for people bound to work together. I wonder if one of them could have been a red-haired woman in disguise.”
[9:45pm] • Keln looks sharply at Arc Vembris. “You pulling my leg here?”
[9:46pm] BrentNewhall joined the chat room.
[9:46pm] • ArcVembris shrugs "I’m trying to remain open to possibilities
[9:46pm] Buddy: There is no doubt of it!
[9:46pm] Keln: “Mayberry, I lost the Dark Dreamer. If you need passage for this, I’m out of options. I’m walking, myself.”
[9:47pm] Buddy: There is no doubt SOMEONE has tricked my lord!
[9:47pm] You are now known as RhysMayberry.
[9:48pm] • RhysMayberry grandly puts a hand in his pocket and produces a paper and pen.
[9:48pm] Keln: “Where do we start, Mayberry? Seems like there are plenty of people here who could use some pay … and maybe some revenge.”
[9:48pm] • RhysMayberry writes on it, then pulls out wax and a seal.
[9:48pm] • RhysMayberry hands it to Keln.
[9:48pm] Atminn: Arbiter Was Dark Dreamer a high quality ship?
[9:48pm] Arbiter: Atminn: No.
[9:49pm] Keln: ((oh man))
[9:49pm] • Keln reads
[9:49pm] RhysMayberry: ((It is a letter authorizing you to take charge of one of the lord’s private airships, the Gray Swan.))
[9:49pm] Atminn: Arbiter Has Dark Dreamer crashed?
[9:49pm] Arbiter: Atminn: No. However, a new twist appears, involving life with a secret.
[9:49pm] • Keln grins
[9:49pm] Atminn: Arbiter Is Keln a responsible airship pilot?
[9:49pm] Arbiter: Atminn: No.
[9:49pm] Atminn: Arbiter Does anyone know that?
[9:49pm] Arbiter: Atminn: No.
[9:50pm] RhysMayberry: ((LOL!))
[9:50pm] Keln: “Well, well, you just found yourself a pilot, Mayberry. The best around, in fact.”
[9:50pm] ArcVembris: ((then we cna make this work))
[9:50pm] Keln: “The only one around, of course, but you know.”
[9:50pm] WolfSamurai left the chat room. (WolfSamurai)
[9:50pm] Atminn: Arbiter Are airship pilots common in Fallcrest?
[9:50pm] Arbiter: Atminn: Yes.
[9:50pm] ArcVembris: ((keep lying!))
[9:50pm] BrentNewhall left the chat room. (BrentNewhall)
[9:50pm] Atminn: ((Sorry I’m messing with you. :) ))
[9:50pm] Keln: ((haha))
[9:51pm] Keln: ((bad form using the bot to contradict me! :D ))
[9:51pm] ArcVembris: ((I must go though)) “While I would love to see how this all pans out, I have a late appointment to attend, and I dare not be late. Pleasant talking with you all.”
[9:52pm] RhysMayberry: ((OK, thanks for playing, ArcVembris!))
[9:53pm] RhysMayberry: ((This is probably a good place to stop, actually, seeing as Keln is the only one left playing.))
[9:53pm] RhysMayberry: ((Adventure awaits!))
[9:53pm] Atminn: Arbiter Is ArcVembris seeing a paramour?
[9:53pm] Arbiter: Atminn: No. However, a new twist appears, involving silence with a path.



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