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The Ill Children

[12:34am] • EricGlasshammer watches with amused interest
[12:35am] • Ptasa dissapears into the kitchen and starts a pot for tea. “Would anyone else like some?”
[12:35am] EricGlasshammer: Yes miss, that sounds lovely
[12:35am] • Ptasa pops her head out of the kitchen door and glares at Eric.
[12:35am] Durzek: “My ale serves me well at present.”
[12:36am] • EricGlasshammer just smiles
[12:36am] Ptasa: I’ll have the tea out in just a few moments
[12:36am] • Ptasa goes back into the kitchen
[12:36am] • Saride opens an eye and looks at Durzek. “What are you and what should I call you?”
[12:37am] EricGlasshammer: Thank youou!
[12:37am] Saride: ((worth noting that Saride is a 7-foot tall lizard and very much a foreigner here))
[12:38am] Durzek: I am Durzek, Pelor’s chosen voice from the dwarves.
[12:38am] EricGlasshammer: ((to Saride)) He worships the sun
[12:39am] Saride: “This Pelor chooses well. You have a mighty voice, Durzek. Well met. I am Saride.”
[12:39am] Saride: “I worship nothing.”
[12:41am] • Ptasa backs out of the kitchen tray in hands with a steaming tea pot and three mugs and a little jar of honey and a picture of cream. She goes and puts in on the table and starts pouring a cup for Saride before bringing it over. “Make sure you drink that whole bottle with this or else it wont work. It’s also very bitter.”

[12:42am] Durzek: “The pleasure is mine, Scaled One. Remember, though, the sun is truth. You can shut it out for a time, but shan’t go away.”
[12:42am] Saride: “I will, Ptasa.”
[12:42am] Saride: “The sun is life indeed, Durzek. You choose your god well.”
[12:43am] • Ptasa goes back over to the pot. “What will you take in yours eric?”
[12:43am] EricGlasshammer: Just a little honey, if you please
[12:44am] • Ptasa puts his cup on the table then prepares one for herself and sits down, taking drink.
[12:44am] Durzek: Would that it were I that chose, Saride. Pelor chose me, yet I would return the favor were it my choice.
[12:44am] • EricGlasshammer sips his tea
[12:44am] EricGlasshammer: Its good that you have such a commited relationship
[12:45am] Ptasa: To each their own, I say.
[12:45am] EricGlasshammer: Well I would not want a god pestering me if I cared not for him
[12:46am] Durzek: Do you consider the dawn an intrusion, EricGlasshammer?
[12:46am] EricGlasshammer: I try not to consider the dawn unless I have to
[12:47am] EricGlasshammer: It happens very early in the day
[12:47am] Durzek: Yet it touches us all.
[12:48am] Saride: ((afk a sec))
[12:48am] Durzek: Even the bread we eat, and the tea you now drink carry Pelor’s bessing.
[12:48am] EricGlasshammer: Well I feel inspired.
[12:48am] • EricGlasshammer gets up, gathering his things
[12:48am] EricGlasshammer: I trust I’ll see you in the morning barmaid
[12:48am] BrentNewhall: ((Would you all like a GM to start a little story?))
[12:49am] Durzek: ((Go for it))
[12:49am] Ptasa: ((we’d love it))
[12:49am] EricGlasshammer: ((Im gonna go to bed I think))
[12:49am] BrentNewhall: ((Okay. Can’t do it for long, myself.))
[12:49am] Ptasa: ((brb, someone is cranky))
[12:49am] You are now known as Sarai.
[12:50am] • EricGlasshammer puts a silver on the table and heads for the door
[12:50am] EricGlasshammer: ((Speak up earlier next time, eh Brent? :) ))
[12:50am] • Sarai steps in. She’s a frail 6-year-old girl wearing a tattered dress. Her round eyes regard the room with trepidation closing on fear.
[12:51am] • Sarai sees Eric stepping close to her and skitters out of the way.
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[12:51am] • Sarai holds on to the doorjam and looks in.
[12:52am] • Sarai takes a few deep breaths and steps in.
[12:52am] Sarai: Have you……have you seen my mommy?
[12:53am] Durzek: “Aye, I have not.”
[12:53am] Sarai: Okay.
[12:54am] • Sarai promptly faints, falling to the floor with a soft thud.
[12:54am] • Ptasa quickly goes over to the girl to check on her, kneeling over her.
[12:54am] • Sarai is clearly feverish.
[12:54am] • Durzek springs to his feet, and runs to the girl’s side.
[12:55am] Ptasa: Poor thing’s sick. Keep an eye on her
[12:55am] Durzek: “I will.”
[12:55am] • Ptasa gets up and dissappears into the kitchen.
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[12:56am] • Durzek begins praying a quiet prayer to Pelor over the girl.
[12:56am] You are now known as Peter.
[12:56am] • Ptasa comes back with some cool water and a cloth in a bowl and kneels back over the girl
[12:57am] • Peter dashes into the room. He’s a strapping 12-year-old boy, but dressed in clothes in a similar state to Sarai’s.
[12:57am] Peter: Sarai!
[12:57am] • Peter rushes over to her side.
[12:57am] Peter: What happened?!?
[12:57am] Ptasa: She collapsed…she’s got quite the fever
[12:57am] • Peter furrows his brow.
[12:58am] Peter: Dummy.
[12:58am] Peter: She keeps doing this.
[12:58am] Durzek: “Walking into random taverns and fainting?”
[12:58am] Peter: ((he addressed the “Dummy” to Sarai))
[12:58am] Peter: She only faints sometimes.
[12:59am] Ptasa: Do you know how long she’s been sick?
[12:59am] Peter: But she keeps wandering off.
[12:59am] Peter: Every month or so.
[12:59am] Peter: Momma’s not around much any more.
[12:59am] Peter: But Sarai used to stay around the house.
[01:00am] Ptasa: Boy, I need you to tell me how she is when she’s sick, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, that sort of stuff.
[01:00am] Durzek: “Where has your mother gone?”
[01:01am] Peter: ((to Ptasa)) She just gets hot, and she goes to sleep, but she keeps tossing around on her mat.
[01:01am] • Peter snorts.
[01:01am] Peter: She goes to different places.
[01:01am] Peter: Sees men.
[01:02am] Ptasa: That doesn’t sound like anything i’ve heard of before
[01:02am] • Ptasa looks a little worried
[01:02am] Peter: Yeah, and she keeps saying weird stuff when she’s asleep.
[01:02am] Peter: Like something’s chasing her, or she has to get away from something.
[01:03am] Ptasa: Go in the kitchen and wash your hands. If she’s sick you might catch it too, don’t need you being sick
[01:03am] • Peter blinks.
[01:03am] Peter: Okay.
[01:03am] • Peter heads into the kitchen.
[01:03am] Durzek: “Does she get much time outside in the daylight hours?”
[01:04am] • Peter calls back, “She doesn’t get out much, nah. Usually just plays with her stupid dolls.”
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[01:04am] • Peter washes his hands and comes back into the main room.
[01:04am] Peter: So, uh, d’you think she’ll be okay?
[01:04am] Durzek: “She’ll need some healing light.”
[01:05am] • Peter snorts a bitter laugh.
[01:05am] Ptasa: I don’t think this is a usual ailment so I would have to agree with you…hopefully it will help. Only other thing I can think of is to wake her up and try to keep her awake
[01:05am] Peter: Not much light in our family.
[01:06am] Durzek: “We must not fear daylight just because it almost always illuminates a miserable world.”
[01:06am] • Peter sighs.
[01:06am] Peter: Okay, I guess I’ll take her back to our house, then.
[01:07am] • Peter carefully picks up Sarai and hoists her on his back.
[01:07am] Ptasa: You say she’s like this every month or so
[01:07am] Peter: Phew. She’s…heavy.
[01:07am] Peter: Yeah.
[01:07am] • Ptasa reaches up to stop the boy from leaving
[01:07am] • Peter staggers a bit under Sarai’s weight.
[01:08am] Durzek: “I think we should ask about an upstairs room. At least until morning.”
[01:08am] • Ptasa gets up and lifts the girl from the boy’s back. “I’ll carry her for you”
[01:08am] Peter: Uh, thanks.
[01:08am] Ptasa: I’m sure it’ll be fine if we borrowed a room. I can handle the costs.
[01:08am] Peter: She…phew, that took a lot out of me….for……some…….
[01:09am] • Peter collapses to the floor.
[01:09am] Ptasa: ((brb))
[01:09am] Durzek: Perhaps we should get two beds.
[01:11am] Ptasa: Sounds like a plan
[01:12am] • Ptasa nods towards the stairs for the dwarf to follow
[01:12am] Ptasa: ((someone is teething and isn’t happy about it)
[01:12am] You are now known as GM.
[01:12am] • Durzek follows
[01:12am] GM: ((You place both children on beds. Their breathing is slightly shallower now.))
[01:13am] GM: ((As you place Sarai on a bed, a small, bead-like object falls from her pocket onto the floor.))
[01:14am] • Ptasa leans over to pick up the bead
[01:14am] GM: ((It’s a many-fauceted scarlet emerald.))
[01:14am] GM: ((Sorry. It’s a multi-faceted, diamond-like jewel, that feels heavier than it should be.))
[01:15am] GM: ((It gives off rays of slightly green light.))
[01:15am] • Ptasa is intrigued and tries to get a closer look at the thing, taking out a small eyepiece she uses when working on watches
[01:16am] Durzek: Do you know what that is?
[01:16am] GM: ((It’s a beautiful piece, carefully crafted. Fairly expensive.))
[01:16am] GM: ((It appears to have once been attached to a necklace.))
[01:16am] Ptasa: no…but it’s….strange…looks pricy too…
[01:17am] • Ptasa looks down that the ratty clothed children
[01:17am] • Ptasa puts the jewel on one of the wash stands in the corners of the room.
[01:18am] You are now known as Skarrl.
[01:18am] Skarrl: Oi!
[01:18am] Skarrl: ((A horse-throated call echoes from the common room.))
[01:18am] Skarrl: Anyone here? Oi!
[01:19am] • Ptasa goes down the stairs to see who it is “Hello?”
[01:19am] • Durzek following, “Hail to you!”
[01:19am] • Skarrl is a brown-cloaked kenku who stands near the center of the common room, his eyes darting about to take in everything.
[01:19am] Skarrl: Ah! Good!
[01:19am] • Ptasa motions to Durzek. " someone should keep an eye on them."
[01:20am] Skarrl: Did two human children come in here a moment ago?
[01:20am] • Durzek nods
[01:20am] Skarrl: Excellent! They’re up there, then? I’ll go ahead and take care of them.
[01:20am] Ptasa: Yes…why do you ask?
[01:20am] • Skarrl begins to head upstairs.
[01:20am] • Ptasa stops him
[01:20am] Ptasa: Who are you?
[01:20am] • Skarrl cocks his head.
[01:20am] Skarrl: Oh! I’m their……..
[01:21am] Skarrl: ………….uncle!
[01:21am] Skarrl: Distant.
[01:21am] • Ptasa gives the bird a quizical look
[01:21am] Skarrl: We were on the road, going to their mother’s place, and the two little scamps ran off on me!
[01:21am] • Skarrl chuckles, and it sounds like rattling bones.
[01:22am] Ptasa: Why were they with you and not their mother
[01:22am] Skarrl: I’ll just collect them and get out of your hair.
[01:22am] Skarrl: Oh!
[01:22am] Ptasa: They’re not in our hair. They’re not well. I’m taking care of them
[01:22am] Skarrl: Their mother was kidnnnndddddding me about going on a vacation! So, uh, she did.
[01:22am] Durzek: I doubt they simply ran off as you say, birdman.
[01:23am] • Skarrl begins to sweat profusely, which looks odd on feathers.
[01:23am] Skarrl: Oh, well, you know kids!
[01:23am] Skarrl: So…..precocious and all!
[01:23am] • Skarrl chuckles again.
[01:23am] Durzek: Aye, and I’ve never seen two like these.
[01:24am] Skarrl: I’m sure you haven’t! Apple of my hair.
[01:24am] • Ptasa glares at the kenku “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of them and return them to their mother when they’re well again.”
[01:24am] Skarrl: Or eye. Or whatever it is you people say.
[01:24am] Skarrl: Oh no!
[01:24am] Skarrl: I wouldn’t dream of it!
[01:24am] Skarrl: I’ll just go ahead and collect them and be on our way.
[01:24am] • Skarrl heads back upstairs again.
[01:24am] • Ptasa grabs the kenku
[01:24am] • Skarrl squawks.
[01:25am] Ptasa: ((i should make an insight check)
[01:25am] Skarrl: ((Excellent!))
[01:25am] • Durzek holds out his staff.
[01:25am] Ptasa: ((how do i roll on here…or can I not?))
[01:25am] Skarrl: ((one sec))
[01:26am] Skarrl: ((Tanjit, the bot I wrote doesn’t handle dice rolls. Yet. Go ahead and roll using physical dice and tell me the result; I trust you.))
[01:27am] Ptasa: ((15))
[01:27am] Skarrl: ((Skarrl is lying through his, um, beak.))
[01:27am] Ptasa: Not buying it birdbreath
[01:27am] Skarrl: I…I……now see here!
[01:27am] Skarrl: All right. All right!
[01:28am] • Skarrl pulls out a pouch.
[01:28am] Ptasa: hand it here
[01:28am] • Ptasa puts out her hand
[01:28am] Skarrl: Ten gold…for the each of you…and you just walk away, all right?
[01:28am] Ptasa: Not likely
[01:29am] Ptasa: I make much more than that easily in a day
[01:29am] Skarrl: Then I must fly through you!
[01:29am] Skarrl: ((Roll for initiative!))
[01:29am] Durzek: How about twenty gold from you, and we let you walk away.
[01:29am] Ptasa: ((woo! 19))
[01:29am] Durzek: ((4))
[01:30am] Ptasa: ((I like this die…i think I will keep it seperate from my box))
[01:31am] Skarrl: ((Skarrl rolled 4, with an initiative of 1, so he’ll go last.))
[01:31am] Ptasa: ((so me first? ))
[01:31am] Skarrl: ((Yep, Ptasa first))
[01:32am] Ptasa: Ptasa takes ones of the tools from her belt and uses it as a knife and stabs at the kenku ((lemme pull up my sheet real quick))
[01:33am] Skarrl: ((OK))
[01:35am] Ptasa: (okay so 1d20
3 against ac))
[01:35am] Skarrl: ((OK, roll it))
[01:35am] Ptasa: 22
[01:35am] Skarrl: ((Hit!))
[01:35am] Ptasa: 1d4+2 1+2=3
[01:36am] Ptasa: ((brb again))
[01:37am] • Skarrl snarls as Ptasa’s tool bites into his flesh.
[01:37am] Skarrl: ((OK, Durzek?))
[01:37am] Durzek: ((Sun Strike))
[01:38am] Durzek: ((5 v Ref))
[01:38am] Durzek: ((14))
[01:38am] Skarrl: ((Awwww, a miss))
[01:38am] Skarrl: ((Minor?))
[01:38am] Durzek: ((damn))
[01:39am] Skarrl: ((Minor action, or pass?))
[01:39am] Durzek: ((Nah, I’m good. Pass))
[01:39am] • Skarrl launches up into the air and sails back into the middle of the common room, landing lightly on one of the tables.
[01:40am] Skarrl: Face the wrath of a Murder of Crows!
[01:40am] • Skarrl puts out his hands, and a blast of air ripples across the room towards Ptasa and Durzek.
[01:41am] Skarrl: ((Gah. 12 vs. Reflex?))
[01:41am] Skarrl: ((As in, he rolled a total of 12. Does that hit?))
[01:41am] Durzek: ((Good enough for me.))
[01:41am] Ptasa: ((no))
[01:41am] Skarrl: The wave slams into Durzek.
[01:42am] Skarrl: ((10 damage to Durzek [max damage!], and Durzek grants combat advantage to Skarrl [save ends].))
[01:42am] Skarrl: ((Ptasa?))
[01:42am] Ptasa: 1sec))
[01:44am] • Ptasa moves in a little closer before throwing the sharp tool at the kenku, magical sparks flying from it
[01:44am] Ptasa: ((Magic WEapon 1d20
[01:45am] Skarrl: ((…and?))
[01:46am] Ptasa: (( 1d20+8 → [11,8] = (19) )) vs. AC
[01:46am] Skarrl: ((Hit!))
[01:47am] Ptasa: 2+4=6 and then I don’t think the dwarf is adjacent so he doesn’t get the bonuses
[01:47am] Skarrl: ((He flew back 6 squares, so you could move the full 6 squares to become adjacent.))
[01:48am] Skarrl: ((Oh, wait, sorry, the dwarf. Heh.))
[01:48am] Ptasa: (yeah him)
[01:48am] Skarrl: ((I’m cool if you want him to be adjacent to you.))
[01:49am] Ptasa: okay he gains He gets 1 to attack and 2 to damage
[01:49am] Durzek: cool,
[01:49am] Skarrl: ((Cool! OK, Durzek?))
[01:49am] Durzek: +5 vs. Ref
[01:50am] Durzek: 11 with the bonus (5
[01:50am] Skarrl: ((Sorry, miss))
[01:51am] Durzek: (Aw, crap I just realized what time it is)
[01:51am] • Skarrl whirls and sends out an arc of air.
[01:51am] Durzek: Can we continue this tomorrow?
[01:51am] • Skarrl snarls.
[01:51am] Skarrl: You’ve not heard the last of me!
[01:52am] • Skarrl twirls around and fades into nothingness, leaving behind the faint laughter of crows.
[01:52am] Ptasa: I don’t like that bird.
[01:52am] Skarrl: ((I’ll be around some tomorrow; we’ll try to continue then. :-) ))
[01:53am] Durzek: Thanks. I gotta run. g’night!
[01:53am] Skarrl: ((Night; thanks for playing!))
[01:53am] Ptasa: ((night))
[01:53am] Ptasa: (thanks for dming))
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[01:53am] BrentNewhall: ((Back to the #4eDnD for me))
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[02:02am] BrentNewhall: roll 1d6
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[02:03am] BrentNewhall: roll 1d6
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[02:04am] BrentNewhall: roll 1d6
[02:04am] YomiBot: BrentNewhall rolled 0 )
[02:04am] BrentNewhall: roll 1d6
[02:04am] YomiBot: BrentNewhall rolled 0 )
[02:04am] BrentNewhall: roll 2d6
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[02:05am] Ptasa: ((i see you’re trying to get it to work))
[02:05am] BrentNewhall: ((Whoops! Sorry, yeah, didn’t realize you were still here. Sorry!))
[02:06am] Ptasa: (I just left it open)
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[7:02pm] BrentNewhall: ((BTW, I’m up to re-starting the story from yesterday.))
[7:09pm] Thuna joined the chat room.
[7:17pm] Ptasa: ((i’d be okay for that, especially if it means more people)))
[7:18pm] BrentNewhall: ((Anyone else around?))
[7:18pm] Ptasa: ((doesn’t look like it at the moment))
[7:18pm] BrentNewhall: ((OK, we can take this opportunity: What kind of story would you like to be part of?))
[7:18pm] Thuna left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 20 seconds)
[7:19pm] BrentNewhall: ((E.g., where would you like the story to go?))
[7:19pm] Ptasa: ((honestly not sure yet))
[7:20pm] Ptasa: ((always up for mystery and stuff like that))
[7:25pm] BrentNewhall: ((Cool. Where would you NOT want it to go?))
[7:27pm] OppR2nist: ((Oh, I’ll jump in.))
[7:27pm] Ptasa: ((uh…hmm.. I’m really not opposed to anything in my dnd. I like my games to have a little bit of a grim feel to them))
[7:30pm] BrentNewhall: ((::brings on the sex and gore, then::))
[7:30pm] BrentNewhall: ((::wink::))
[7:30pm] OppR2nist: ((lol))
[7:30pm] Ptasa: ((lol))
[7:31pm] EricGlasshammer joined the chat room.
[7:33pm] BrentNewhall: ((OK, how would you like your characters to grow? Anything you want for them?))
[7:33pm] Ptasa: ((Well for my character it’s really her first time adventuring and stuff like this so pretty much I’m wanting to have her grow up))
[7:35pm] OppR2nist: ((I’m working on Durzek’s background, so he’s kind of nebulous as of now.))
[7:36pm] EricGlasshammer: ((Ummm. . . I agree with Ptasa. I created Eric with the idea that life was about to be thrust upon him))
[7:37pm] BJMurray: ((Saride is a little tricky - I don’t know if he’ll fit a DM’ed scenario. I’ll watch if that’s okay though.))
[7:37pm] BrentNewhall: ((Hmmmmmm, OK))
[7:38pm] EricGlasshammer: ((But Eric does have available hooks. His father was either an adventurer or a shady character, and his “uncle and aunt” left in a hurry and basically told him to get out of town))
[7:38pm] EricGlasshammer: ((Im thinking the tailor shop is probably listed as collateral to debt somewhere))
[7:40pm] BrentNewhall: ((::reads up::))
[7:40pm] BrentNewhall: ((Yeah.))
[7:40pm] BrentNewhall: ((Is there anything your characters won’t do?))
[7:41pm] EricGlasshammer: ((Jump into a piranna infested pit trap))
[7:42pm] Ptasa: ((hmmm….))
[7:42pm] EricGlasshammer: ((Where mismatched leathers))
[7:42pm] EricGlasshammer: ((Walk away happily from a big pile of money))
[7:43pm] Ptasa: ((probably wont do anything intentionally to betray people, he’s pretty honest))
[7:43pm] Ptasa: She’s
[7:44pm] EricGlasshammer: ((This is true. She also far too trusting))
[7:44pm] BrentNewhall: ((As an extreme, violence towards children?))
[7:44pm] Ptasa: ((definately not))
[7:44pm] EricGlasshammer: ((What kind of children?))
[7:45pm] Ptasa: ((she certainly wont kill a child, knock one out for it’s own good…that’s another story, like if the child is being controlled and it’s the only way to break the link))
[7:45pm] BrentNewhall: ((Eric: What do you mean?))
[7:45pm] EricGlasshammer: ((I mean kobold children are mean and filthy. If you don’t kill them, they become slightly meaner and filthier))
[7:46pm] BrentNewhall: ((OK, noted. How about non-kobold children?))
[7:47pm] EricGlasshammer: ((Probably woulnd’t kill them at this point in his life))
[7:47pm] EricGlasshammer: ((Unless we’re talking kobold equivalent. . .like goblins))
[7:48pm] Ptasa: (any race considered civalized, Ptasa would probably use tough love))
[7:50pm] EricGlasshammer: ((Eric may at times try to alter what Ptasa consideres civilized))
[7:52pm] BrentNewhall: ((OK))
[7:54pm] BrentNewhall: ((one sec))
[7:55pm] Ptasa: Ptasa is rather naive
[7:55pm] • EricGlasshammer is less naive, but is cowardly and easily tempted
[8:00pm] EricGlasshammer: And now, of course, Im already considering another character
[8:00pm] Ptasa: really?
[8:00pm] EricGlasshammer: Habbit of being a DM I guess. But its a big town to populate regardless
[8:03pm] EricGlasshammer: I have a PbP character that I absolutely love, but I only get to play her very slowly
[8:04pm] Ptasa: Ptasa is actually a character I haven’t gotten to use yet. I have so many pbp characters…about 7 years worht
[8:04pm] Ptasa: worth
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[8:05pm] EricGlasshammer: The whole “someone has to be the princess” thing has me thinking on another character as well. I played an honorable, sexist in an odd way, warrior in a free form forum RP for years.
[8:06pm] Ptasa: yeah?
[8:08pm] OppR2nist left the chat room. (“ ajax IRC Client”)
[8:08pm] EricGlasshammer: Well finally I needed to do something different with him. He died. The way magic worked in that world, his mind was tied to a younger woman who had lied in a comma for years, so that his mind would be better. When he died she woke up. But he had been using her mind longer than she had. She woke up thinking she was really him
[8:08pm] EricGlasshammer: He was far too proud a warrior to think he could have died, so we had a seventeen year old girl, running around thinking she was a forty year old warrior who had been cursed
[8:09pm] Ptasa: lol
[8:10pm] EricGlasshammer: Eventually she met up with someone who had been his trusted ally. The friend figured out what was going on, and there was lots of fun to be had with getting him/her to be able to fit in as a girl, find her own self, but also not loose all she had gained as him. They called her Amira, which was later adopted as her girl name
[8:11pm] EricGlasshammer: It was originally tongue in cheek. Amira means Princess
[8:11pm] Ptasa: nifty
[8:11pm] EricGlasshammer: Mind you, that has nothing to do with this
[8:12pm] EricGlasshammer: But I don’t know, there’s a lot of developable concepts in there
[8:12pm] Ptasa: yeah
[8:13pm] Ptasa: I think my fave pbp character is Kayde Lee Rudo, she grew up in the circus and then because of a traning accident, she was turned into a cyborg and was trained to become an assassin once her body matured enough
[8:14pm] EricGlasshammer: Ha!
[8:14pm] Ptasa: Her best friend was the circus lion
[8:14pm] Ptasa: mind you, he was a werelion
[8:14pm] EricGlasshammer: Well that would only make sense
[8:19pm] Ptasa: She was an acrobat, highwire stuff and all that
[8:19pm] Ptasa: of course though, when she was just a child she was a clown
[8:22pm] EricGlasshammer: The PbP character I was considering moving over is a young girl, idiot savant. She is book smart brilliant and completely clueless, basing most interactions on books and tales of legend. She’s a bard mechanically but considers herself an “arcane linguist”. She’s a shadar-kai but won’t admit it because “shadar-kai are bad” so she must be something else.
[8:22pm] EricGlasshammer:
[8:23pm] Ptasa: mhm
[8:23pm] Ptasa: nice
[8:24pm] Ptasa: I was actually temped to bring in my first DnD character…but I’ll be using her soon for a dnd game with Ryven
[8:28pm] BrentNewhall: Okay!
[8:28pm] BrentNewhall: Sorry about that; took longer than anticipated.
[8:28pm] BrentNewhall: If you guys want to get started freeform, I’ll be happy to bring in some stuff.
[8:28pm] Ptasa: it’s alright, I was actually hunting down my original Ptasa concept picture
[8:29pm] EricGlasshammer: Kait and I are very mad at you
[8:29pm] Ptasa: what did I do?
[8:29pm] Ptasa: huh what
[8:29pm] Ptasa: I don’t even know what I’m saying
[8:29pm] • EricGlasshammer shakes his head
[8:29pm] Ptasa: ((it’s really old…she’s also like 10
[8:30pm] EricGlasshammer: SHall we establish an OOC chanel
[8:30pm] EricGlasshammer: daww
[8:30pm] BrentNewhall: /join #FourWindsOOC
[8:43pm] BJMurray is now known as Saride.
[8:44pm] • Ptasa starts putting chairs back at tables and starting to clean up the mess after that Kenku came in and started that fight.
[8:45pm] • EricGlasshammer walks back in, still looking a bit tired. It takes him a moment to register the scene
[8:45pm] EricGlasshammer: I left my scissors . . . um. . . what happened?
[8:46pm] You are now known as GM.
[8:46pm] GM: (A few black feathers float down from the ceiling.)
[8:46pm] You are now known as DM.
[8:47pm] • Ptasa looks up at him as he comes back in, putting a chair back up in it’s upright position. “Couple kids came in…collapsed and then there was a crazy kenku.”
[8:47pm] • EricGlasshammer catches a feather, staring at it
[8:47pm] EricGlasshammer: What kind of crazy?
[8:48pm] DM: (The feather is very long and black, clearly from an adult kenku.)
[8:49pm] • Ptasa picks up a feather. “He was trying to take the children away, said that he was taking care of them….we didn’t exactly believe it. Got into a little scrap.”
[8:49pm] EricGlasshammer: Is everyone alright?
[8:50pm] Ptasa: Yeah we’re fine. We put the kids that collapsed in a room upstairs.
[8:50pm] • EricGlasshammer tucks the feather is his bag
[8:50pm] EricGlasshammer: Any idea why they collapsed?
[8:51pm] WastexGames left the chat room. (WastexGames)
[8:51pm] Ptasa: The girl was feverish, poor thing. The older brother collapsed after he tried to carry his sister our
[8:51pm] Ptasa: out
[8:52pm] EricGlasshammer: And you think he collapsed from exhaustion. . . and not from whatever she has?
[8:52pm] Ptasa: Not sure..He said that she gets sick about every month…and has really strange dreams…She also had a gem…looked to be part of a necklace.
[8:53pm] EricGlasshammer: Did we leave the strange gem with the sick girl?
[8:53pm] Ptasa: I put in the nightstand
[8:54pm] • EricGlasshammer nods, considering the action fair enough. He picks up his scissors from the floor
[8:56pm] EricGlasshammer: I think your patient is awake
[8:56pm] Ptasa: Sounds like she is. You wanna give me a hand?
[8:56pm] • Ptasa starts heading for the stairs.
[8:56pm] Thuna joined the chat room.
[8:56pm] • EricGlasshammer shrugs
[8:56pm] EricGlasshammer: If you need it
[8:56pm] • EricGlasshammer follows
[8:56pm] You are now known as Sarai.
[8:57pm] • Ptasa makes her way up the stairs and goes into the room
[8:57pm] • Sarai shifts uncomfortably on the bed, bathed in sweat.
[8:57pm] • Sarai murmurs strange words.
[8:57pm] • EricGlasshammer stays in the doorway for now, watching’
[8:58pm] Sarai: “Shadows……”
[8:58pm] Sarai: “……People coming…..”
[8:58pm] • Ptasa sits on the edge of the bed and pushes Sariai’s hair out of her face and leans into listen
[8:58pm] Ptasa: Who’s coming?
[8:58pm] Sarai: “……Inevitable…..”
[8:59pm] Sarai: “….the People….”
[8:59pm] • EricGlasshammer raises an eyebrow at that.
[8:59pm] EricGlasshammer: Quite the nightmare
[8:59pm] Ptasa: what people. What do they look like?
[8:59pm] • Sarai furrows her eyebrows further.
[9:00pm] Sarai: “……monsters……tails…..fangs…….”
[9:00pm] Thuna left the chat room. (“Leaving.”)
[9:00pm] Sarai: “…..lizards……..”
[9:00pm] EricGlasshammer: I take it Saride was there when she collapsed
[9:01pm] Ptasa: No he wasn’t
[9:01pm] Ptasa: He went to his room when you left
[9:01pm] • EricGlasshammer is quite surprised at that. . .he looks down the hall, thinking suspicious thoughts
[9:02pm] • Saride is sitting at the top of the stairs having stopped to listen. You may have just noticed him. Maybe not. But he’s there.
[9:02pm] • Sarai snaps open her eyes and looks, unseeing, at the ceiling.
[9:02pm] • Sarai speaks clearly, her voice unnaturally deep.
[9:02pm] Sarai: There will be war, union, and change.
[9:02pm] Sarai: In the path of the hollow mountains.
[9:02pm] Sarai: Quite otherwise will one interpret it.
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[9:03pm] • EricGlasshammer gives Saride a silent half wave, and doesn’t fully take his eyes off him, listening to the girls words without watching
[9:03pm] Sarai: Fire approaches the tower.
[9:03pm] • Sarai begins speaking in unintelligible words.
[9:03pm] • Saride whispers something in his native tongue. “Temekanesse…”
[9:04pm] • Ptasa sits back and listens as the girl speeks, looking very worried.
[9:04pm] Sarai: (You hear the banging of footsteps.)
[9:04pm] You are now known as Luna.
[9:04pm] • Luna comes running up the stairs. She’s a 50-year-old halfling dressed in scarves and a dress.
[9:05pm] • Luna vaults towards the girl, reaches out her hands, and proclaims “Vassatha sanrin! Tel’hala!”
[9:05pm] You are now known as Sarai.
[9:05pm] • Sarai falls back to unconsciousness with a deep sigh.
[9:05pm] You are now known as Luna.
[9:05pm] • EricGlasshammer is miffed that someone knew, pushed him out of the way, the nerve of people in this town
[9:05pm] EricGlasshammer: new
[9:06pm] Luna: (The wals flash with the light of arcane symbols, which fade after a moment.)
[9:06pm] • Luna takes a deep breath.
[9:06pm] • Saride is watching very closely, spear ready.
[9:06pm] EricGlasshammer: I wasn’t aware that there was a halfling involved with this girl
[9:06pm] • Ptasa turns towards luna “Who are you?”
[9:06pm] Luna: Ah. Sorry for not introducing myself. That was something, wasn’t it?
[9:06pm] • Luna walks around, offering her hand.
[9:06pm] Saride: Is the girl in danger, small one?
[9:06pm] Luna: Name’s Lady Luna. A local truthsayer, if you haven’t heard of me.
[9:07pm] • Saride eyes the windows and doors.
[9:07pm] Luna: I just got here in time.
[9:07pm] • Luna looks back at the girl.
[9:07pm] • Ptasa reluctantly takes the woman’s hand
[9:07pm] Luna: She’s safe for now. That ward should keep whatever-it-is away from this room for a few hours, at least.
[9:08pm] Luna: I may not be the best paid truthsayer in Fallcrest, but my work *works
[9:08pm] • Saride scowls (a terrifying sight) and runs to the door, spear ready. “Forgive me if I am not entirely trusting your lights.”
[9:08pm] • Luna blinks at Saride.
[9:09pm] Luna: Well, my howdy!
[9:09pm] • Luna turns, her hands on her hips.
[9:09pm] EricGlasshammer: ((holding my reply for ooc resolution))
[9:09pm] • Luna looks Saride up and down.
[9:09pm] Luna: Never seen one o’ you before. My, my.
[9:10pm] Saride: “Not to be rude,” says Saride, looking up and down the street, “it’s just that the arcane is not well trusted in my land. But this girls is something else again.”
[9:10pm] • Luna laughs.
[9:10pm] Luna: You can say that again!
[9:10pm] • EricGlasshammer does shake her hand but is still wary about all this
[9:10pm] Luna: So, what happened to the girl? Is she one of yours?
[9:10pm] EricGlasshammer: You came running in here, not knowing her at all?
[9:10pm] Ptasa: she colapsed here not long ago
[9:11pm] • Luna rubs her chin.
[9:11pm] Ptasa: her and her brother, then a kenku showed up to take them away
[9:11pm] Luna: Yes, my shop is a few streets down, and I could feel that…..that thing in her mind.
[9:11pm] Luna: I could tell it was struggling to get out, and I beat cheeks here as fast as these legs could carry me!
[9:12pm] Saride: “Did you make any sense of what she said, Luna? Some of it was very close to my heart and things she could not possibly know.”
[9:12pm] • Luna arches an eyebrow and turns to Ptasa.
[9:12pm] • EricGlasshammer tries not to look disgusted at the metaphor
[9:12pm] Luna: One moment, friend lizard. A kenku? Did he say his name?
[9:12pm] Ptasa: no
[9:12pm] Luna: Hmmm. Brown cloak? Uses lots o’ flashy magic?
[9:13pm] Luna: Hmmm.
[9:13pm] • Luna turns to Saride.
[9:14pm] Ptasa: Sounds about right
[9:14pm] Luna: Well, I could tell what she said in our tongue. The rest of it I don’t know.
[9:14pm] Luna: That’s the one? Ah.
[9:14pm] • Luna frowns.
[9:14pm] Luna: That’d be Skarrl.
[9:14pm] EricGlasshammer: Which tongue is that?
[9:15pm] Luna: I’m no expert, but they sounded like the tongue of the demons.
[9:16pm] Luna: Do any of you know the healing arts?
[9:16pm] • EricGlasshammer moves from the doorway to the window, taking a look outside, if only to satisfy his paranoia
[9:16pm] Luna: If the boy fell ill, too, that’s…..strange.
[9:16pm] Ptasa: I know how to physically tend to wounds and ailments
[9:17pm] EricGlasshammer: That would be Ptasa indicates her I am Eric, sense we’re making introductions late
[9:17pm] Saride: “Some fool spirit talker has let one loose. The poor child.”
[9:17pm] • Luna nods at Eric.
[9:17pm] Ptasa: Is there anything we can do for her?
[9:17pm] EricGlasshammer: Someone waiting for you outside miss?
[9:17pm] • Luna laughs.
[9:17pm] Luna: I wish!
[9:18pm] • EricGlasshammer heads downstairs
[9:18pm] Saride: “I would soothe her but I think she is already dreaming me as a monster.” Saride raises the hood on his cloak. “Best if I am less obvious.”
[9:18pm] Luna: You’d know more about that than I, lady.
[9:18pm] Luna: I’ve put up wards to keep the invader out for a while. That’s all I can do.
[9:19pm] • EricGlasshammer will open the front door slowly, to see if the individual is still where he spotted him, as long as the bar seems as he left it
[9:20pm] • Saride sits heavily in a chair by the fire. One with clear view of the girl and the door.
[9:21pm] You are now known as Sarai.
[9:21pm] • Sarai and Peter are still sweating heavily.
[9:22pm] Saride: “Is that normal for human children? Are they sick?”
[9:22pm] Ptasa: Fevers. I should fetch some clothes
[9:23pm] • Ptasa goes over to one of the wash stands and opens to drawer taking our some old cloths
[9:24pm] EricGlasshammer: Excuse me sir! You obviously are waiting for me to come out, but I’m sorry. Im not taking special orders on cloaks today
[9:24pm] You are now known as CloakedFigure.
[9:25pm] • CloakedFigure continues to stare at the window of the room containing Sarai and Peter.
[9:25pm] • CloakedFigure glances ever so briefly
-one might say dismissively—at Eric.
[9:26pm] • EricGlasshammer speaks, purposefully load, wanting to make sure everyone know what he’s doing, and if anyones awake in nearby buildings they can hear him
[9:26pm] • EricGlasshammer he takes a couple of steps outside
[9:27pm] Saride: “Eric, what do you see outside?”
[9:27pm] • CloakedFigure glances at him again, but doesn’t move.
[9:27pm] EricGlasshammer: I see you’ve gone with the black cloak! I might be able to point you toward a less busy tailor. Why don’t you come into the light so I can properly see you skin type?
[9:28pm] • Ptasa starts looking over the children, checking their eyes and temperatures, their pulses
[9:28pm] Saride: “Luna, what is this invader you are protecting against? Is there more direct action we could be taking? I fear for these children.”
[9:29pm] EricGlasshammer: Well Saride! drawing his knife and taking a step back nervously I appear to be talking to a pair of eyes wearing a cape!
[9:29pm] • EricGlasshammer is still shouting
[9:29pm] • CloakedFigure looks at Eric with shocked eyes, then retreats into the shadows and disappears.
[9:30pm] • Ptasa starts going through her bag to see if there might be something she has that might help out, something to bring their fevers down
[9:30pm] You are now known as Luna.
[9:30pm] EricGlasshammer: Nope. . . He ran away!
[9:30pm] • EricGlasshammer still sounds scared as all get out
[9:30pm] Saride: “When you said ‘Saride’…”
[9:31pm] Luna: It was some sort of…..evil.
[9:31pm] Saride: “Or perhaps when you drew your knife.”
[9:31pm] Luna: A powerful intelligence, wrapped around that child’s mind.
[9:31pm] Saride: “A demon then. Can you command demons?”
[9:31pm] • Luna laughs.
[9:32pm] • EricGlasshammer takes one last look for the creature, then returns to the tavern, shutting the door tightly
[9:32pm] Luna: Hardly.
[9:32pm] • Saride looks at Ptasa. “You?”
[9:33pm] • Ptasa looks up from tending to the kids. “Huh what?”
[9:33pm] Saride: “Can you command demons? Have you a skill or a gadget for this?”
[9:34pm] Ptasa: "It’s not anything that I’ve tried before. "
[9:34pm] Saride: “Sorry wrong word maybe. Spirits? Possessive entities.”
[9:34pm] • EricGlasshammer enters the room again, his knife back in his belt, but looking a little shaken
[9:34pm] • Saride ponders.
[9:34pm] Saride: “We should find these children some parents.”
[9:35pm] Luna: The ward here will hold for a few hours at least.
[9:35pm] Ptasa: They said their mother isn’t around offten…
[9:35pm] EricGlasshammer: We should find these children a priest
[9:35pm] Luna: I can stay here and look after them.
[9:35pm] EricGlasshammer: No offense Truthsayer
[9:35pm] Luna: None taken.
[9:35pm] • Luna looks more closely at them.
[9:35pm] Luna: You’re right; they’re looking worse by the minute.
[9:36pm] EricGlasshammer: Where’s the necklace thingy she had Ptasa? Still in the drawer?
[9:36pm] Ptasa: Yes it’s in the drawer
[9:36pm] Saride: “Bring it and let us take these children to a priest then.”
[9:36pm] • EricGlasshammer opens the drawer and gives it a good stare, not looking at it
[9:36pm] Luna: ((Huh??))
[9:37pm] • Saride stops himself. “I am sorry, I am used to command. This is Ptasa’s home.”
[9:37pm] EricGlasshammer: not touching it
[9:38pm] Ptasa: "It’s alright, Saride. "
[9:38pm] Saride: “How quickly do human children die when sick like this?”
[9:39pm] EricGlasshammer: Quickly
[9:39pm] Ptasa: If it’s not taken care off…
[9:39pm] Saride: “Then I would rephrase my command as an urgent suggestion.” Saride lifts Luna into his arms. “Augmented by an action.”
[9:40pm] • Luna pushes back against Saride.
[9:40pm] Luna: Excuse me, lizard-man!
[9:40pm] Luna: I have two stout legs, thank you!
[9:40pm] EricGlasshammer: Saride. . . put the halfling down
[9:40pm] Saride: "My mistake I thought you a child.
[9:40pm] • Saride blushes cyan
[9:40pm] • EricGlasshammer Eric takes a bit of clothe out of his bag and picks up the gem with it, showing it to Luna
[9:40pm] EricGlasshammer: Recognize this?
[9:40pm] • Saride carefully restores Luna and picks up the girl-child.
[9:41pm] • Luna leans forward, then runs her palm past it.
[9:41pm] • Luna leans back.
[9:41pm] Luna: Phwoar!
[9:41pm] Luna: I don’t know it, but gods preserve us, is that powerful!
[9:41pm] EricGlasshammer: Is that like. . . the name of an obscure god?
[9:41pm] EricGlasshammer: Great. . . lets get rid of it
[9:42pm] • EricGlasshammer moves towards the window
[9:42pm] Ptasa: And what if we need it Eric?
[9:43pm] EricGlasshammer: For what?!
[9:43pm] Saride: “No one here knows what it is. Let’s find someone who does. We can guess all night but these children will fade.”
[9:44pm] • Luna steps forward
[9:44pm] Luna: I know some people who can look into it.
[9:44pm] • Luna arches an eyebrow and offers a hand.
[9:44pm] Ptasa: That would be a good idea. The more we know the more prepared we can be. I’ll try to keep them stable.
[9:44pm] EricGlasshammer: If you want it, I’ll ask you to leave quite prompty with it
[9:44pm] • Luna shrugs.
[9:45pm] Luna: I can do that, though that means I won’t be here when the wards fade.
[9:45pm] Luna: But if you’re taking the children with you, of course, that’d be fine.
[9:45pm] • Saride looks at Eric oddly. “It could be valuable, Eric.”
[9:45pm] EricGlasshammer: I think the temple of Erathmus is the best idea
[9:46pm] Saride: “Will you take the boy up, then, and lead the way?”
[9:46pm] • EricGlasshammer is still deciding what to do with the gem
[9:47pm] Saride: “I respectfully recommend bringing it. If there is an arcane source to their illness it might be related.”
[9:47pm] • EricGlasshammer sighs and hands Luna the gem
[9:47pm] • Luna nods smartly.
[9:47pm] EricGlasshammer: I respectfully veto your suggestion
[9:47pm] Luna: All right, I’ll ask around.
[9:48pm] Ptasa: It would be best if we kept them wrapped up, in blankets
[9:48pm] Luna: me gingerly puts the gem in her pocket.
[9:48pm] • Luna gingerly puts the gem in her pocket.
[9:48pm] • Saride takes a blanket and bundle the child awkwardly but thoroughly.
[9:48pm] EricGlasshammer: I’m not running across town with a sick kid weighing me down, with a gem that a demon is hunting for in my pocket
[9:48pm] • EricGlasshammer picks up the boy, doing the same
[9:49pm] • Saride follows Eric.
[9:49pm] You are now known as GM.
[9:49pm] • EricGlasshammer assuming Ptasa is following, heads to the temple of Erathmus
[9:50pm] • Ptasa is following but is looking around warrily
[9:57pm] GM: The streets of Fallcrest are quieter at night, though there’s no shortage of eyes staring hungrily at you from alleys.
[9:57pm] • Saride ensures the spear is visible to those eyes.
[9:58pm] EricGlasshammer: Ptasa. . . I just want you to know I hate you
[9:58pm] • Ptasa has a hand on her hammer on the belt on her hip, looking around.
[9:58pm] • EricGlasshammer speaks frantically, eyes darting all around as he rushes down the main streets
[9:59pm] Saride: “He doesn’t really, Ptasa.”
[9:59pm] EricGlasshammer: If I die, because you like helping strangers. . .
[9:59pm] Ptasa: What is it this time?
[10:00pm] GM: The Temple of Erathis is a large, impressive building made of Fallcrest’s native marble. A 30-foot copper dome squats atop the building, glinting dimly in the moonlight.
[10:00pm] EricGlasshammer: Thank the gods
[10:00pm] • Saride stops, dumbstruck, then recovers and continues behind Eric.
[10:00pm] • EricGlasshammer looks to see if the main entrance appears open
[10:01pm] GM: It’s quiet in this section of the city, an upscale district. Moonstone Keep rises nearby, a comforting presence.
[10:01pm] GM: The doors to the Temple stand open.
[10:01pm] • Saride enters quickly.
[10:01pm] • EricGlasshammer heads straight in
[10:02pm] EricGlasshammer: Hey! Priest people!
[10:02pm] • EricGlasshammer shouts
[10:02pm] • Ptasa follows them in
[10:02pm] GM: Eric’s voice bounces around the inside of the rotunda, which almost fills the temple.
[10:03pm] GM: Highly polished marble floors shine in the light of a dozen braziers which illuminate beautiful wooden benches that surround the central shrine.
[10:03pm] GM: The shrine is a curtained area.
[10:03pm] You are now known as DirinaMornbrow.
[10:03pm] Saride: “Why does your city look like it does when your people can make THIS?!”
[10:03pm] • Saride is in awe
[10:04pm] Ptasa: Not all the sections of the city can afford things like this
[10:04pm] • DirinaMornbrow strides out from behind the curtains, her expression somewhat pained. She wears immaculate priestess’s robes.
[10:04pm] DirinaMornbrow: No need to shout, travelers.
[10:05pm] • DirinaMornbrow pauses, pulls out a pair of pince-nez, and looks closely at the group.
[10:05pm] Saride: “Forgive us, there is some urgency and we are not thinking clearly.”
[10:05pm] • Ptasa takes a few steps forward and gives a bow. “Sorry to bother at this hour, Priestess”
[10:05pm] DirinaMornbrow: Ah. I don’t recall seeing any of you here befoooooo—
[10:05pm] DirinaMornbrow: Ye gods!
[10:05pm] • DirinaMornbrow peers at Saride.
[10:05pm] EricGlasshammer: This child is either dying of disease, under the influence of a curse, or being mentally ravaged by a demon
[10:05pm] • Saride puts on his spectacles
[10:05pm] • DirinaMornbrow blinks.
[10:05pm] EricGlasshammer: He’s not the demon
[10:06pm] DirinaMornbrow: ((Incidentally, as you left the tavern and traveled through the city, Sarai began to fidget more and more.))
[10:06pm] DirinaMornbrow: A disease, a curse, *or
a demon?
[10:07pm] DirinaMornbrow: She glares at Eric through her pince-nez.
[10:07pm] DirinaMornbrow: Is this one of those harvest pranks?
[10:07pm] Saride: “Forgive us, we are not experts.”
[10:07pm] Saride: “But these children are certainly in dire straits.”
[10:07pm] Ptasa: "We did what we could…but the girl speeks with a voice that is clearly not hers
[10:07pm] • DirinaMornbrow turns to the children.
[10:07pm] • EricGlasshammer does not give the woman a forgiving look
[10:08pm] • DirinaMornbrow waves a hand across them.
[10:08pm] DirinaMornbrow: My goodness. Yes.
[10:08pm] DirinaMornbrow: Come with me.
[10:09pm] • Saride follows bearing his squirming burden.
[10:09pm] • Ptasa follows along
[10:09pm] EricGlasshammer: Good, great, grand, you have a small contingent of angry clerics around here right?
[10:09pm] • EricGlasshammer follows as well
[10:09pm] • DirinaMornbrow walks to a nearby room and opens the door. Inside is a small vestibule with several couches and a chair.
[10:09pm] • EricGlasshammer plops his load on a couch
[10:09pm] DirinaMornbrow: Lay them both out on the couches. Hurry!
[10:10pm] • Saride follows orders.
[10:10pm] DirinaMornbrow: All right, good. This will be…difficult.
[10:10pm] DirinaMornbrow: All of you, out!
[10:10pm] DirinaMornbrow: I must perform the Ritual of Cleansing alone.
[10:10pm] Ptasa: there is nothing we can do to help
[10:10pm] • Saride leaves but stays close enough to hear. He has an obligation to the children now.
[10:11pm] Ptasa: ?
[10:11pm] • DirinaMornbrow shoos Eric out.
[10:11pm] • EricGlasshammer cautiously leaves
[10:12pm] • EricGlasshammer stops
[10:12pm] • DirinaMornbrow puts her hands on her hips.
[10:12pm] DirinaMornbrow: Do you want to save these children or not, young man?
[10:12pm] • EricGlasshammer does the same
[10:12pm] • Ptasa grabs eric and pulls him out "Sorry ma’am
[10:12pm] EricGlasshammer: Yeah thats the intention. . . so I think I’ll risk watching
[10:13pm] Saride: “Eric, could we speak out here?”
[10:13pm] • EricGlasshammer allows himself to be pulled out
[10:13pm] EricGlasshammer: You know priests can lie right?
[10:13pm] • EricGlasshammer doesn’t bother keeping his voice down
[10:13pm] • DirinaMornbrow slams the door closed.
[10:13pm] Saride: “Eric, you chose this god. What is your reservation?”
[10:13pm] You are now known as GM.
[10:14pm] EricGlasshammer: I didn’t have a lot of choices
[10:14pm] Saride: “If the children dies I will kill them all. Will that suffice?”
[10:14pm] EricGlasshammer: I’ve never heard of such a ritual, or the idea that we can’t be present, and I once apprenticed under a scribe
[10:16pm] GM: The voices echo in the empty temple.
[10:16pm] • Ptasa keeps close to the door. “ARE you sure that you don’t want a hand?”
[10:17pm] EricGlasshammer: Does anyone else think its odd we’ve only attracted the attention of one person so far?
[10:17pm] • EricGlasshammer is suddenly insightful
[10:17pm] • Saride walks across the room to another nearby door and throws it open.
[10:18pm] GM: Two clerics of Erathis fall out of the room. One is dead, the other nearly so.
[10:18pm] Ptasa: Damn
[10:18pm] Saride: “Eric you are absolved — find the children.”
[10:18pm] Saride: “I will apologize more deeply later.”
[10:18pm] • EricGlasshammer tries to open the room with the children
[10:18pm] You are now known as Otho.
[10:19pm] Otho: Please……it….came out of nowhere……
[10:19pm] • Ptasa takes out her hammer and bashes the door
[10:19pm] • Otho ‘s eyes roll into the back of his head and he slumps into unconsciousness (or worse).
[10:19pm] Otho: The door smashes open.
[10:19pm] • Ptasa rushes into the room
[10:20pm] • EricGlasshammer follows quickly, drawing his knife
[10:20pm] Otho: A silvery humanoid stands over the children, a nasty, curved shortsword raised over Sarai’s body.
[10:20pm] You are now known as Doppleganger.
[10:20pm] • Doppleganger snarls at the party and faces them.
[10:21pm] • Saride stares at the priest. His nostrils flare and his pupils dilate.
[10:23pm] • Ptasa hefts her hammer and charges the doppleganger.
[10:23pm] EricGlasshammer: Oh for the love of hell
[10:29pm] • EricGlasshammer tosses his dagger at the creature, flying past Ptasa’s shoulder to slice between a couple of limbs before quickly joining her side
[10:30pm] EricGlasshammer: *Not limbs, ribs.
[10:32pm] hyperform joined the chat room.
[10:32pm] hyperform is now known as A_Ghost.
[10:33pm] • Saride roars and lunges at the fake priest, locking shoulders with Ptasa to give her cover and aid. His spear tears into the silvery thing.
[10:33pm] • Doppleganger snarls and brings its sword down at Eric’s torso, its features rippling to mimic Eric’s face.
[10:35pm] • Doppleganger falters, clutching at its dagger wound.
[10:36pm] • EricGlasshammer sucks in his stomach for good measure
[10:37pm] • Ptasa swings her hammer at the dopplegangar again.
[10:41pm] • EricGlasshammer quickly ducks down, and shifts his feet with a slide, appearing behind the doppleganger with a new knife in his hand. He brings it down on the back of the creatures neck
[10:42pm] • Doppleganger crumples to the ground, silvery blood flowing copiously across the polished marble.
[10:42pm] • EricGlasshammer jumps back, not wanting to dye his shoes silver
[10:42pm] • Saride grins. “It’s too bad there are no more to kill.”
[10:43pm] • Ptasa rushes to check on the children
[10:43pm] You are now known as Sarai.
[10:43pm] EricGlasshammer: I’m not sticking around to find out if thats true
[10:43pm] • Saride starts from his bloodlust and rushes to check the unconscious priest.
[10:43pm] • Sarai thrashes from side to side, delirious. She’s beginning to mumble words again, but they’re half-formed.
[10:44pm] draco|writing is now known as digitaldraco.
[10:44pm] EricGlasshammer: Can you calm her down?
[10:44pm] • EricGlasshammer looks around for a window
[10:44pm] Ptasa: I’ll see what I can do
[10:44pm] Sarai: ((There’s a window.))
[10:44pm] Sarai: ………
[10:45pm] • EricGlasshammer moves to the window, checking the street
[10:45pm] Ptasa: shhh calm down, it’s okay
[10:45pm] digitaldraco left the chat room. (digitaldraco)
[10:45pm] Sarai: …….wwww…..wwwwwaterrrrrr……
[10:46pm] • Sarai continues to sweat profusely.
[10:47pm] You are now known as Peter.
[10:47pm] Saride: “So, one wonders how it knew to come to the temple to receive the children.”
[10:47pm] Ptasa: someone go get a picture of water please?
[10:47pm] • Peter ‘s eyes flutter slowly open.
[10:47pm] • Peter looks around.
[10:47pm] Peter: Where am I?
[10:47pm] EricGlasshammer: If the children have been sick for months, they’ve likely been here before
[10:48pm] Ptasa: You’re in the temple, boy
[10:48pm] • EricGlasshammer searches the room, and if needed the room the dead people fell out of, for water
[10:48pm] • Peter looks over to Sarai.
[10:48pm] Saride: “One of these is not dead. I think.”
[10:48pm] Peter: Awwww, no, she’s still sick?
[10:49pm] Ptasa: We’re doing what we can.
[10:49pm] • Peter tries to hoist himself up on one elbow, then falls back down.
[10:49pm] Peter: I feel terrible.
[10:50pm] Ptasa: ERic, can you help the boy?
[10:50pm] • EricGlasshammer is wandering into the center of the temple alone for a glass of water. He walks back in and scoops up Peter
[10:50pm] Peter: Woah!
[10:50pm] EricGlasshammer: You don’t look so great either. Everyone grab a not dead person. We’re leaving
[10:50pm] • Ptasa picks up Sarai
[10:50pm] Saride: “Can we call the guard or something? If this is a wealthy part of town, they are likely responsive.”
[10:51pm] EricGlasshammer: Your military background suggests splitting up is wise?
[10:51pm] • EricGlasshammer leaves, not waiting for an answer
[10:52pm] Ptasa: I think we should move someplace where we will be more…secure
[10:52pm] • Saride follows with the wounded priest
[10:53pm] • EricGlasshammer will head for the Keep, since I believe the temple to Ioun is quite a bit further
[10:54pm] • Saride holds his tongue and follows behind the “tailor”.
[10:54pm] • Ptasa follows. "Where are we going? "
[10:55pm] EricGlasshammer: We’re going to the damned keep
[10:55pm] Ptasa: You sure about this?
[10:55pm] EricGlasshammer: Hells no
[10:56pm] EricGlasshammer: Not staying in there though
[10:56pm] Ptasa: We don’t want to go where they will be expecting us to go
[10:57pm] You are now known as GM.
[10:57pm] EricGlasshammer: What’s your suggestion then? Shall we all go get pastry?
[10:57pm] • EricGlasshammer doesn’t stop during this
[10:58pm] Ptasa: I suggest we go someplace small where we know the layout and will have the upper hand if needed
[10:58pm] Saride: “They would not expect pastry, it’s true. But the baker is closed.”
[10:58pm] EricGlasshammer: Fine, we’ll go to your shop
[10:58pm] • EricGlasshammer changes direction
[10:58pm] Ptasa: Sounds like a plan.
[10:59pm] • Ptasa moves into the lead.
[10:59pm] EricGlasshammer: Hopefully we don’t all blow up
[10:59pm] • Saride follows in third position.
[10:59pm] Ptasa: I’ve put away all the explosives that we’re not bringing on that trip
[11:02pm] Ptasa: Ptasa’s workshop. It’s a sturdy building that has seen it’s fair share of explosions. The inside is dark until she get’s the lights going. there is a furnace and a big work bench.
[11:03pm] Ptasa: “We can bring them up to my room, it’s all packed up and tidy so.”
[11:03pm] EricGlasshammer: Great. Best to keep them together
[11:04pm] Ptasa: Just keep it down, I father is still sleeping
[11:05pm] EricGlasshammer: I thought you moved him to the tavern!
[11:05pm] • Ptasa leads them up the stairs and into her room
[11:05pm] Ptasa: Not yet
[11:05pm] • EricGlasshammer speaks in a loud whisper
[11:05pm] Ptasa: Not till we’re leaving
[11:05pm] EricGlasshammer: Did I mention I hate you?
[11:05pm] • EricGlasshammer follows
[11:05pm] Saride: “He doesn’t, you know.”
[11:05pm] • Saride follows as well.
[11:06pm] Ptasa: Her room is all put away, blankets and sheets folded at the foot of the bed on the big trunk
[11:07pm] Saride: “I have suspicions about the halfing. Her arrival was very well-timed and she is the only other person present when we decided to go to the temple.”
[11:09pm] • EricGlasshammer puts Peter on the floor, propped up against a wall
[11:09pm] • GM breathes heavily.
[11:09pm] GM: ((heh, oops)
[11:09pm] You are now known as Peter.
[11:09pm] • Peter breathes heavily.
[11:09pm] EricGlasshammer: I have suspicions about these two, since the doppleganger was interested in them even without the gem
[11:09pm] • Saride sets down the priest as well. “Our burden is increasing. At this rate there will be six more by morning in this room.”
[11:10pm] You are now known as Priest.
[11:10pm] • Priest bleeds.
[11:10pm] EricGlasshammer: Ew
[11:10pm] Ptasa: Eris go turn down the lights, we dont’ want people knowing we’re about
[11:10pm] • Ptasa checks on the priest.
[11:10pm] • Saride binds the priest with some emergency bandaging skills
[11:11pm] • EricGlasshammer goes around lowering the lights
[11:11pm] • Priest stops bleeding.
[11:11pm] • Ptasa goes back to the bed and tucks the kids in and sits on the foot of the bed.
[11:11pm] • Saride goes to the other side of the room from the priest, sniff himself, and bundles his cloak up.



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