The Nentir Nexus

The Kenku Returns

[10:10pm] • AMysteriousFigure enters the tavern.
[10:10pm] BrianLiberge is now known as Valorie.
[10:10pm] • AMysteriousFigure is dressed in a dusty black traveling cloak.
[10:11pm] • Valorie leans bored against the bar
[10:11pm] TDM is now known as Veata.
[10:11pm] • AMysteriousFigure sees Valorie and strides over.
[10:11pm] • AMysteriousFigure says in a raspy, middle-aged man’s voice:
[10:11pm] • Veata is leaning on the bar as well, but in a seat and paying attention mostly to her beverage
[10:14pm] Veata: ((Veata is not on there but she’s a rouge/sorcerer theiftaker theme, half elf with dilatante of course))
[10:15pm] Valorie: I can’t believe you talked me into buying that – sees the new patron Hello stranger! Have a seat?
[10:15pm] AMysteriousFigure: Ah. You work here, then?
[10:15pm] • AMysteriousFigure gracefully takes a seat, face still hidden.
[10:16pm] Valorie: I do! Care for a drink. There is a local ale on tap, that I’m told is very fine
[10:16pm] • Veata gives a grin to Valorie before eyeing the mysterious figure
[10:16pm] • AMysteriousFigure chuckles.
[10:16pm] AMysteriousFigure: I am no stranger to the local ales.

[10:17pm] AMysteriousFigure: I’ll take a mug of Mad Manticore.
[10:17pm] • AMysteriousFigure puts a coin on the table—one which will easily pay for the mug, and half again besides.
[10:18pm] Valorie: Oh. I think you’re not so much a stranger. she says with a laugh getting the drink We’ll start the tab
[10:18pm] AMysteriousFigure: Good.
[10:18pm] AMysteriousFigure: Have there been any…strange goings-on in the past few weeks?
[10:18pm] • AMysteriousFigure places another coin atop the first.
[10:19pm] Valorie: Oh. . . strange is what you make of it I suppose
[10:19pm] Veata: From what I’ve heard there has been, and I just got in town
[10:19pm] • Valorie answers vaguely on purpose, wary of any who start with such a question. She slides the mug in front of him
[10:20pm] • AMysteriousFigure turns to Veata. A heavily lined, middle-aged man’s face is just visible.
[10:20pm] AMysteriousFigure: You look like a woman of the world.
[10:20pm] • Veata does not like this look and leans a little further back in her seat before taking a drink
[10:20pm] Veata: I travel
[10:20pm] • AMysteriousFigure notices this.
[10:21pm] AMysteriousFigure: I mean no harm. I know that my appearance is…unsettling at times.
[10:21pm] Veata: I just got a thing about getting looked at from under hoods…it’s gotten me stabbed more than once
[10:21pm] • AMysteriousFigure chuckles bitterly.
[10:21pm] AMysteriousFigure: I, as well, I assure you.
[10:22pm] Valorie: We are all friends here, after all
[10:22pm] • Valorie points that comment to the figure
[10:22pm] • AMysteriousFigure pushes back his hood. The face beneath is more lined than normal for its years, and the wise green eyes are mysterious not unkind.
[10:23pm] AMysteriousFigure: ((errr, mysterious but not unkind))
[10:23pm] Valorie: Isn’t that better
[10:23pm] AMysteriousFigure: Indeed we are, Valorie.
[10:23pm] • Valorie smiles
[10:23pm] • Veata relaxes in her seat after a moment and raises her glass to the man
[10:24pm] Veata: Friends area always nice to have in strange places
[10:24pm] • AMysteriousFigure raises his mug to Veata with a small, sad smile.
[10:24pm] AMysteriousFigure: So what have you heard, so soon after entering Fallcrest?
[10:24pm] Valorie: Indeed. . .
[10:24pm] Veata: ((are)
[10:25pm] Veata: Well…there was a bird, and some kids, kobolds and goblins infesting the roads
[10:25pm] • AMysteriousFigure straightens.
[10:25pm] AMysteriousFigure: A bird? And children?
[10:25pm] AMysteriousFigure: What sort of children? What bird? A raven?
[10:27pm] Valorie: A raven?
[10:27pm] • AMysteriousFigure ‘s voice betrays urgency.
[10:27pm] • AMysteriousFigure turns to Valorie.
[10:28pm] AMysteriousFigure: Yes, what bird was this that caused trouble?
[10:28pm] Valorie: Bird man
[10:28pm] Veata: Kenku
[10:28pm] Valorie: Yes, one of those
[10:28pm] • Veata makes a face of disgust at mentioning the kenku
[10:28pm] • AMysteriousFigure straightens to his feet, nearly knocking over his mug.
[10:29pm] AMysteriousFigure: (to himself) Blast you, Featherwight.
[10:29pm] AMysteriousFigure: And the children?
[10:29pm] Valorie: Gone I hear
[10:30pm] Veata: I certainly haven’t seen them
[10:30pm] • AMysteriousFigure gulps.
[10:30pm] Veata: He more trouble than I thought…isn’t he?
[10:31pm] AMysteriousFigure: More trouble than he’s worth, skin, bones, and blood.
[10:31pm] Valorie: Aren’t we all?
[10:31pm] • Valorie fails at levity
[10:31pm] • AMysteriousFigure sits down.
[10:31pm] AMysteriousFigure: Well.
[10:31pm] • AMysteriousFigure clears his throat, attempting to appear calm.
[10:32pm] AMysteriousFigure: ((Perception checks, please.))
[10:33pm] Veata: hold on
[10:33pm] YomiBot: All systems nominal.
[10:33pm] YomiBot joined the chat room.
[10:33pm] Veata: ((gotta pull this sheet up))
[10:33pm] AMysteriousFigure: roll 1d20+5 as an example
[10:33pm] YomiBot: AMysteriousFigure rolled 14
[10:33pm] Valorie: roll 1d20+3
[10:33pm] YomiBot: Valorie rolled 11
[10:35pm] Veata: ((slow cbloader))
[10:35pm] Harmon_Tel joined the chat room.
[10:36pm] Veata: roll 1d20+1
[10:36pm] YomiBot: Veata rolled 8
[10:37pm] AMysteriousFigure: ((Harmon, go ahead and roll a Perception check, please))
[10:37pm] Harmon_Tel: ((I’m just observing, sorry))
[10:38pm] AMysteriousFigure: ((That’s why I’m asking for the Perception check. :-) You wouldn’t like secret information about what’s going on?))
[10:38pm] Veata: ((veata is a little tipsy and thus rolled badly))
[10:38pm] Harmon_Tel: roll 1d20+21
[10:38pm] YomiBot: Harmon_Tel rolled 21
[10:38pm] AMysteriousFigure: ((Hmmm, I need to look at the code.))
[10:38pm] Veata: (((wait you rolled a 0, auto fail))
[10:38pm] Harmon_Tel: ((Hmm, I rolled a zero))
[10:40pm] • AMysteriousFigure turns to Veata.
[10:40pm] • Veata looks up at the man
[10:40pm] AMysteriousFigure: I see by your clothes that you make a fine living.
[10:40pm] AMysteriousFigure: May I ask what you do?
[10:40pm] • Valorie laughs a bit at that
[10:41pm] Veata: Fairly fine…though I get a stipend from my aunt. I’m a theiftaker if you will, sort of a freelance police that can get her hands dirty in things the guard can’t
[10:42pm] Veata: I has picture))
[10:42pm] AMysteriousFigure: How convenient.
[10:43pm] AMysteriousFigure: What brings you to Fallcrest?
[10:43pm] • Valorie refills Veata’s drink, not bothering to ask
[10:43pm] Veata: Bird’s got a bounty on his head, heard he was here
[10:44pm] Veata: brb
[10:44pm] AMysteriousFigure: You will do me a favor if you kill him.
[10:44pm] • AMysteriousFigure turns to Valorie.
[10:44pm] AMysteriousFigure: And you girl, you…….
[10:44pm] AMysteriousFigure: He peers at her closely.
[10:45pm] AMysteriousFigure: My, my.
[10:45pm] • Valorie puts an elbow on the bar, her face in her hand and looks back
[10:45pm] Valorie: Yes, sir? Something you’d like?
[10:45pm] AMysteriousFigure: Oh, many things.
[10:46pm] AMysteriousFigure: Just as I’m sure you want your body back.
[10:46pm] • AMysteriousFigure casually sips at his ale.
[10:46pm] Veata: ((had to pay for pizza))
[10:46pm] • Valorie is obviously surprised, but recovers quickly enough
[10:46pm] • AMysteriousFigure continues to look straight at Valorie, to judge her reaction.
[10:46pm] Valorie: You have an odd sense of humor sir
[10:47pm] • AMysteriousFigure chuckles.
[10:47pm] AMysteriousFigure: That I do.
[10:47pm] AMysteriousFigure: Well, it’s no business of mine.
[10:47pm] • AMysteriousFigure turns back to Veata. So who has the bounty on the kenku, if I may ask?
[10:47pm] AMysteriousFigure: ((Gah))
[10:47pm] AMysteriousFigure: So who has the bounty on the kenku, if I may ask?
[10:48pm] Veata: One of the gaurd put it up back in my town…something about sticky fingers from what I heard. Other than that it had been fairly slow so I decided to go after him
[10:49pm] AMysteriousFigure: I see.
[10:49pm] AMysteriousFigure: ((You hear footsteps at the top of the stairs.))
[10:49pm] You are now known as Peter.
[10:49pm] Peter: ((Whoops, wait, no.))
[10:49pm] Veata: ((but I thought they took the kids’s to Ptasa’s))
[10:49pm] Peter: ((Right, right sorry.))
[10:50pm] You are now known as AMysteriousFigure.
[10:50pm] Valorie: ((ha!))
[10:50pm] • AMysteriousFigure drains the last of his mug.
[10:51pm] • AMysteriousFigure turns to Valorie.
[10:51pm] • Veata takes another long drink from her mug, still watching the man
[10:51pm] AMysteriousFigure: I’m wondering if you could safeguard this for me.
[10:51pm] • AMysteriousFigure puts a hand in his pocket, then pauses.
[10:51pm] • AMysteriousFigure reaches around for a moment, panicked, then looks down at his feet.
[10:51pm] Valorie: The mug sir?
[10:51pm] Veata: Missing something
[10:52pm] AMysteriousFigure: No, I must be going. But in the meantime.
[10:52pm] • AMysteriousFigure holds out a crystalline gem.
[10:52pm] AMysteriousFigure: How much for me to keep this here for a few nights?
[10:52pm] • Valorie eyes the gem curiously, interest peaked
[10:52pm] AMysteriousFigure: You know how the streets of Fallcrest can be.
[10:52pm] • AMysteriousFigure looks at Veata.
[10:52pm] Valorie: We don’t have much of a safe. . .
[10:52pm] AMysteriousFigure: Sticky fingers and all.
[10:53pm] • Veata nods in knowing
[10:53pm] AMysteriousFigure: ((Are you sure??? ;-) ))
[10:53pm] AMysteriousFigure: ((to Valorie))
[10:53pm] Valorie: I’m sure I could arrange something
[10:53pm] AMysteriousFigure: Excellent.
[10:54pm] AMysteriousFigure: How much will it cost me?
[10:54pm] AMysteriousFigure: ((Feel free to line your pockets with this.))
[10:55pm] Valorie: 5 copper a day?
[10:55pm] AMysteriousFigure: Done!
[10:55pm] • Valorie plays the inexperienced
[10:55pm] • AMysteriousFigure hands her 15 copper.
[10:55pm] AMysteriousFigure: I must be going. I’ll be back in three days at the most.
[10:55pm] • AMysteriousFigure stands up.
[10:56pm] AMysteriousFigure: A pleasure to meet you both. May Fallcrest treat you well.
[10:56pm] • Valorie drops it in an apron pocket
[10:56pm] Valorie: See you in three days then sir
[10:56pm] • Veata gives the stranger a salut as a friendly gesture
[10:56pm] • AMysteriousFigure returns the salute and strides out.
[10:56pm] Valorie: He seems nice
[10:57pm] You are now known as Falthis.
[10:57pm] Veata: I agree
[10:57pm] You are now known as AnotherMysteriousStranger.
[10:58pm] • AnotherMysteriousStranger strides in. He wears a dusty brown traveling cloak, and his face is obscured by the cloak.
[10:58pm] • Veata eyes the new one
[10:59pm] • AnotherMysteriousStranger sits down, looks at Valerie, and says:
[10:59pm] Valorie: Hello stranger. Welcome. Care for a drink?
[10:59pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: Ah. You work here, then?
[11:00pm] Valorie: I do
[11:00pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: No need for a list; I am no stranger to the local ales.
[11:01pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: I’ll take a mug of Mad Manticore.
[11:01pm] • Veata gets an uneasy feeling
[11:01pm] Valorie: Popular choice
[11:01pm] • AnotherMysteriousStranger arches an eyebrow.
[11:01pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: Is it?
[11:01pm] • Valorie pours a draught, placing it before the man
[11:01pm] • AnotherMysteriousStranger puts a coin on the table—one which will easily pay for the mug, and half again besides.
[11:01pm] Valorie: Yes sir
[11:02pm] Valorie: I’ll start a tab for you then
[11:02pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: Good.
[11:02pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: Have there been any…strange goings-on in the past few weeks?
[11:02pm] • Veata is getting deja vu
[11:03pm] Valorie: strange is what you make of it I suppose
[11:03pm] • AnotherMysteriousStranger notices Veata’s unease.
[11:03pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: I mean no harm. I know that my appearance is…unsettling at times.
[11:03pm] Veata: That’s just what the last guy said
[11:03pm] • AnotherMysteriousStranger straightens.
[11:03pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: Last guy?
[11:03pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: Another man who looks like I?
[11:04pm] Veata: yes…you’ve been repeating him word for word
[11:04pm] • AnotherMysteriousStranger bits his tongue.
[11:04pm] • Valorie just smiles
[11:04pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: ((errr, bites))
[11:04pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: He’s been here already?
[11:04pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: Where did he go?
[11:04pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: Did he leave anything? Do anything?
[11:05pm] Valorie: He left. Had a drink
[11:05pm] Veata: yeah
[11:05pm] Veata: that’s about it
[11:05pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: Pelor’s Scrotum!
[11:05pm] • AnotherMysteriousStranger rushes out of the tavern.
[11:06pm] Valorie: I’m making good tips tonight
[11:07pm] Veata: Should keep those in a jar
[11:07pm] Veata: And keep on your toes…I got a bad feeling about this
[11:07pm] Valorie: Yeah, we don’t have much of a safe
[11:07pm] • Valorie collects the coins from the bar
[11:07pm] Veata: roll 1d20+4
[11:07pm] YomiBot: Veata rolled 21
[11:07pm] Veata: insight))
[11:08pm] AnotherMysteriousStranger: ((Okay, insight about what?))
[11:08pm] • Harmon_Tel strides in looking rumpled and smug. He shakes the rain of his damaged armour and sits down heavily at the bar.
[11:08pm] You are now known as DM.
[11:08pm] Harmon_Tel: Pint of bitter, Val, if you please!
[11:08pm] Veata: ((bad feeling about same guy coming in twice))
[11:08pm] Valorie: I do as it turns out. What a strange random happenstance?
[11:08pm] DM: ((OK. What are you trying to discern?))
[11:08pm] • Valorie pours the drink with a smile
[11:09pm] Veata: ((if it was the same guy or two different men))
[11:09pm] DM: ((OK))
[11:09pm] Valorie: ((Uses Passive 13!))
[11:10pm] • Veata moves to a seat closer to the door and a window so she can keep an eye on the street
[11:10pm] Harmon_Tel: ((Harmon is at - fair warning: his bio contains a lot of stuff your characters couldn’t possibly know…unless you decide you do!))
[11:11pm] You are now known as SmallBoy.
[11:11pm] • SmallBoy creeps into the tavern. He wears disheveled street clothes and looks uncertain.
[11:11pm] • SmallBoy is perhaps 8 years old, with coal-black skin and large eyes.
[11:12pm] • Veata eyes the boy
[11:12pm] Veata: Oi! this is no place for a child
[11:12pm] Harmon_Tel: “Where’s your pa, son?”
[11:12pm] • Valorie looks his way, but doesn’t respond yet
[11:12pm] • SmallBoy stays in the doorway.
[11:12pm] SmallBoy: I…I just wanted a little warmth tonight.
[11:12pm] SmallBoy: It’s so cold out in the rain.
[11:12pm] • Veata gets up and goes to little boy
[11:13pm] • Valorie sighs
[11:13pm] • Harmon_Tel puts a few silver coins on the bar. “Get the boy anything he wants Val. Some hot soup maybe.”
[11:13pm] Veata: The stew is pretty goo
[11:13pm] Veata: good
[11:13pm] SmallBoy: ((I’m trying hard not to affect an Oliver accent.))
[11:13pm] Valorie: As you wish sir
[11:13pm] • SmallBoy ‘s eyes grow even larger.
[11:13pm] Harmon_Tel: "I’ll have some too, for that matter. It is wicked cold out there."
[11:14pm] • Valorie scoops up the coins and disappears into the kitchends
[11:14pm] • SmallBoy rushes over to the bar and clambers onto a stool.
[11:14pm] SmallBoy: Thank you so much, uh, sir.
[11:14pm] • SmallBoy sits right next to Harmon.
[11:14pm] • Veata takes the seat next to the boy
[11:14pm] Harmon_Tel: “Veata, you know this little one?”
[11:14pm] Harmon_Tel: “Name’s Harmon, kid, but don’t spread it around.”
[11:15pm] Veata: No, just keeping an eye on him. I’m used to keeping an eye on kids
[11:15pm] SmallBoy: Oh, I’ll be careful, sir.
[11:15pm] SmallBoy: Has my friend Sarai been here?
[11:15pm] SmallBoy: A girl, a few years older than me.
[11:15pm] • Valorie comes back out placing two bowls of stew on the bar
[11:15pm] Veata: I haven’t heard of her…no
[11:15pm] Valorie: Haven’t seen her.
[11:16pm] • SmallBoy looks crestfallen.
[11:16pm] SmallBoy: Oh.
[11:16pm] Veata: You eat up though, you’ll get big and strong off this stew
[11:16pm] • SmallBoy begins eating his soup, hungrily but without much passion.
[11:16pm] SmallBoy: Maybe her brother Peter? About 12 years old?
[11:17pm] • Harmon_Tel tries his stew and grins. “You make this Val? You’re a wizard if you did.”
[11:17pm] Valorie: You a nursery maid Veata?
[11:17pm] Valorie: I heated in a pot
[11:17pm] Veata: Nieces and nephews and street urchins
[11:17pm] Harmon_Tel: “Got a name kid? Polite to trade names, you know. Someone tells you yours, you expect one in return.”
[11:17pm] Veata: taught more than a few how to hold their own on rough streets
[11:18pm] • Harmon_Tel eyes his ale because clearly he’s already tipsy. “Sorry that didn’t quite make sense.”
[11:19pm] SmallBoy: Oh, uh. My name’s…Thomas.
[11:19pm] You are now known as Thomas.
[11:20pm] Valorie: Well Thomas, Harmon just bought you a bed for the night
[11:20pm] Thomas: None of you have seen Peter or Sarai?
[11:20pm] Harmon_Tel: “Well met Thomas, now who’s this Sarai and Peter and what not? And where’s your mom and da?”
[11:20pm] Thomas: I play with them a lot.
[11:21pm] Valorie: I don’t know many kids, kid
[11:21pm] Veata: No…though there were some rumors of some kids a fw days ago wasn’t there?
[11:21pm] Thomas: We, uh, had a secret game.
[11:21pm] • Thomas looks intently at Veata.
[11:21pm] Valorie: Secret game?
[11:21pm] Veata: Secret game?
[11:21pm] Harmon_Tel: “You can trust her.”
[11:21pm] Thomas: ((Roll insight, please, Veata))
[11:21pm] Veata: roll 1d20+4
[11:21pm] YomiBot: Veata rolled 22
[11:22pm] Thomas: We, uh, we would meet at unusual places and trade things.
[11:22pm] Thomas: Things we’d found.
[11:22pm] Thomas: Sarai said she’d found something very special, that she wanted to show me.
[11:23pm] Veata: Hmm….
[11:23pm] Veata: Things that have fallen into your…sticky little fingers?
[11:23pm] • Harmon_Tel laughs
[11:23pm] • Thomas looks panicky.
[11:23pm] Thomas: Not me, ma’am, no!
[11:23pm] Harmon_Tel: “Bounty’s not too high on this one I think, Vea.”
[11:24pm] Veata: Don’t worry kid I’m not going to rat you out
[11:24pm] Veata: I’ve seen what it’s like
[11:24pm] Thomas: He turns to Valorie.
[11:24pm] Thomas: You, uh, you work here, right?
[11:24pm] Valorie: Yes young Sir. I do
[11:25pm] Thomas: Good. Then you’ll be valuable when I find the people who do know what happened to the brat.
[11:25pm] • Thomas flickers and blurs.
[11:25pm] • Harmon_Tel starts
[11:25pm] • Veata gets up suddenly
[11:25pm] • Valorie jumps back, reaching for her broom
[11:25pm] • Harmon_Tel stands and drains his beer.
[11:25pm] • Thomas now blurred leaps backwards.
[11:26pm] • Thomas now stands as a cloaked kenku in the center of the room.
[11:26pm] You are now known as Kenku.
[11:26pm] • Veata instictively draws out the dagger at her hip, turning it so the blunt side is out
[11:26pm] Valorie: Kill it! Kill it!
[11:26pm] Kenku: I can see I will have to silence the rest of you!
[11:26pm] • Harmon_Tel slowly draws the greatsword from the sheath on his back. He does not consider its blunt side at all.
[11:26pm] Veata: Blastit Kenku
[11:26pm] Kenku: ((Roll for initiative! Harmon, feel free to make up reasonable numbers/powers.))
[11:27pm] Valorie: How many birdmen are in this weird town!
[11:27pm] Kenku: ((I’m not worried about making this perfectly 4E balanced.))
[11:27pm] Valorie: roll 1d20+4
[11:27pm] YomiBot: Valorie rolled 12
[11:27pm] Harmon_Tel: ((I’ll just use level bonus and basic attack for simplicity))
[11:27pm] Veata: roll 1d20+6
[11:27pm] YomiBot: Veata rolled 11
[11:27pm] Harmon_Tel: roll 1d20+14
[11:27pm] YomiBot: Harmon_Tel rolled 15
[11:27pm] Kenku: one sec
[11:28pm] Kenku: roll v1d20+14
[11:28pm] YomiBot: Kenku rolled 2
[11:28pm] • Kenku blinks.
[11:28pm] Harmon_Tel: “Just as soon not carve you up, birdy.”
[11:29pm] Harmon_Tel: ((want wormy in here? His dicer seems stable))
[11:29pm] Kenku: ((Fine for now))
[11:29pm] Harmon_Tel: ((Oh you have a v in front of your roll statement))
[11:29pm] Kenku: ((Yes, the v is for verbose))
[11:29pm] Harmon_Tel: ((Smart))
[11:30pm] Kenku: ((I fiddled with the code this morning; must have messed up something.)
[11:30pm] Kenku: roll v1d20
[11:30pm] Kenku: roll v2d20+5
[11:30pm] Kenku: ((Tanjit, I must have really messed up something.))
[11:31pm] Kenku: ((Ah well. Back to real dice.))
[11:32pm] Kenku: ((Init order: Harmon, Kenku, Valorie, Veata))
[11:32pm] Kenku: ((Surprise round.))
[11:33pm] • Kenku puts out his arms, and the group feels a drop in pressure. A field of some sort has sprung up around the tavern.
[11:33pm] • Kenku holds up an arm towards Harmon, pauses, thinks better of it, then points at Veata.
[11:34pm] Kenku: ((1d20+10 vs. Reflex. Rolled 14; 24 vs. Veata’s Reflex))
[11:34pm] Kenku: ((Assuming that’s a hit?))
[11:35pm] • Kenku thrusts a hand towards Veata, and a wind blasts out at Veata.
[11:35pm] Kenku: ((5 force damage to Veata, who now grants combat advantage to the kenku [save ends].))
[11:35pm] Kenku: ((Harmon, you’re up!))
[11:38pm] You are now known as Kenku.
[11:38pm] Kenku: ((Tanjit, sorry about that))
[11:38pm] Harmon_Tel: ((no sweat))
[11:39pm] Kenku: ((Where did I leave off?))
[11:39pm] Kenku: ((‘Net connection dropped))
[11:39pm] Veata: ((we just rolled inititive
[11:39pm] Harmon_Tel: YomiBot: Kenku rolled 2
[11:39pm] Harmon_Tel: [11:28pm] • Kenku blinks.
[11:39pm] Harmon_Tel: [11:28pm] Harmon_Tel: “Just as soon not carve you up, birdy.”
[11:39pm] Veata: YomiBotValorie rolled 12 23:27Veataroll 1d20+6 23:27Harmon_Tel((I’ll just use level bonus and basic attack for simplicity)) 23:27YomiBotVeata rolled 11 23:27Harmon_Telroll 1d20+14 23:27YomiBotHarmon_Tel rolled 15 23:28Kenkuone sec 23:28Kenkuroll v1d20+14 23:28YomiBotKenku rolled 2
[11:39pm] Kenku: ((OK. Initiative is Harmon, Kenku, Val, Veata))
[11:39pm] Kenku: ((Surprise round.))
[11:39pm] Valorie: [boo]
[11:40pm] • Kenku puts out both its arms, and everyone feels the pressure drop. A magical field of some kind has appeared around the tavern.
[11:40pm] • Kenku puts out a hand towards Harmon, pauses, thinks better of it, then turns towards Veata.
[11:40pm] Valorie: I don’t like this
[11:40pm] Kenku: roll 1d20+4
[11:40pm] • Harmon_Tel stands between them.
[11:40pm] YomiBot: All systems nominal.
[11:40pm] YomiBot joined the chat room.
[11:40pm] Kenku: roll 1d20+4
[11:40pm] YomiBot: Kenku rolled 24 CRITICAL!
[11:41pm] Harmon_Tel: ((oops, sorry, surprise))
[11:41pm] • Kenku throws a wave of stinging wind at Veana, knocking her slightly off-balance.
[11:41pm] Veata: ((dang))
[11:41pm] Kenku: ((10 force damage, and Veata grants combat advantage to the kenku [save ends].))
[11:42pm] Kenku: ((OK, Harmon, you’re up!))
[11:42pm] Veata: ((k))
[11:42pm] Harmon_Tel: Harmon swings a mighty blow at the Kenku. “You’ll not harm my charges in here tonight!”
[11:42pm] Harmon_Tel: roll 1d20 + 18
[11:42pm] YomiBot: Harmon_Tel rolled 9
[11:42pm] Harmon_Tel: o_O
[11:42pm] Kenku: ((Roll real dice.))
[11:42pm] Kenku: ((Oh! Don’t put spaces between dice and number))
[11:43pm] Harmon_Tel: roll 1d20+18
[11:43pm] YomiBot: Harmon_Tel rolled 6
[11:43pm] Kenku: ((That’s the problem; it’s not seeing the +18))
[11:43pm] Kenku: ((Hmmm, no, still something wrong))
[11:43pm] Kenku: ((Roll regular dice. :
[11:43pm] Harmon_Tel: 13 + 18 = 31
[11:43pm] Kenku: ((Hit))
[11:44pm] Harmon_Tel: ((not sure what a reasonable damage roll would be — 2d6 + 14 or so?))
[11:45pm] Kenku: ((What level?))
[11:45pm] Harmon_Tel: 20 give or take
[11:45pm] Veata: ((dang))
[11:46pm] Kenku: ((14’s a little high))
[11:46pm] Kenku: ((Try 3d6+8))
[11:46pm] Harmon_Tel: [2,3,3] + 8 = 16
[11:47pm] • Kenku falls back under Harmon’s onslaught, hisses, and carves a symbol in the very air.
[11:47pm] Kenku: ((Close blast 3, so targeting everyone.))
[11:48pm] Kenku: ((25 vs. Harmon’s Fortitude))
[11:48pm] Kenku: ((19 vs. Val’s Fort))
[11:48pm] Kenku: ((Natural One vs. Veata’s Fort))
[11:48pm] Harmon_Tel: 7 + 15 = 22
[11:48pm] Veata: ((/me celebrates the nat1))
[11:48pm] Kenku: ((Harmon: sorry; what are you rolling?))
[11:49pm] Valorie: tie goes to the attacker
[11:49pm] Harmon_Tel: ((my bad, used to rolling defensively - 10+15 so 25))
[11:49pm] Kenku: ((Sorry, still not understanding what the 10+15 is. Is 25 your Fort?))
[11:50pm] Harmon_Tel: ((Yes))
[11:50pm] Veata: ((my sheet is a bit messed up, about how much of a bonus should I have to attack at lvl 3?))
[11:50pm] Kenku: ((OK, cool. So they both just barely hit! Heh.))
[11:50pm] Harmon_Tel: ((15 is my bonuses, 10 is the fixed value))
[11:51pm] Kenku: ((12 force damage to Harmon and Valorie, who are each pushed 3 squares.))
[11:51pm] Kenku: ((Valorie’s turn.))
[11:51pm] • Kenku unleashes a hurricane in the tavern, throwing its attackers back into the bar.
[11:52pm] Harmon_Tel: ((Veata: 8 or so I think))
[11:52pm] • Valorie Valories pushes herself over the bar, not one to stand still while being attacked, and charges the kenku
[11:52pm] Kenku: ((Veata: +8 or so, I think.))
[11:52pm] Veata: ((thanks))
[11:52pm] Kenku: ((Ha!))
[11:52pm] Valorie: ((Move to go over the bar, and then standard to charge))
[11:53pm] Kenku: ((Right.))
[11:54pm] Valorie: [2
12=14 vs AC]
[11:54pm] Kenku: ((A miss, sorry. Veata?))
[11:55pm] digitaldraco joined the chat room.
[11:55pm] Veata: (one sec))
[11:55pm] • Veata gives a smirk “You wanna start a storm, eh birdbrain? Well I got a storm for ya!”
[11:56pm] Veata: 1d20+8 → [14,8] = (22)
[11:56pm] • Valorie is attacking with her broom [since I didn’t specify]
[11:56pm] Veata: ((Thunderslam vs fort))
[11:56pm] Kenku: ((Hit!))
[11:57pm] You left the room. (Kenku)
[11:57pm] You left the room. (Kenku)
[11:58pm] Topic changed to “Check out for those new to the room!” by gamefiend!@.
[11:58pm] You rejoined the room.
[11:58pm] Veata: 2d10+6 → [6,5,6] = (17) Thunder damage and target is pushed back
[11:58pm] Kenku: ((Geez, sorry.))
[11:58pm] Kenku: ((‘Net connection unhappy with me tonight.))
[11:58pm] Valorie: [so we see]
[11:59pm] • Kenku is knocked back into a table. It gets up, wiping blood from its beak.
[11:59pm] Kenku: ((Kenku is bloodied! Harmon, your turn?))
[11:59pm] Kenku: You’ll pay for that, dirtwalker!
[12:00am] Harmon_Tel: ((Move and strike))
[12:00am] You changed the topic to “A Kenku Appears! Check out for those new to the room.”.
[12:00am] Harmon_Tel: 8 + 15 = 23
[12:00am] Kenku: ((Hit!))
[12:01am] • Harmon_Tel strides forward and strikes another mighty blow at the kenku.
[12:01am] Harmon_Tel: [1,3,5] + 8 = 17
[12:01am] Harmon_Tel: “Yield, birdy, or you die here tonight!”
[12:01am] • Kenku reels under the blow, then hisses at Harmon.
[12:01am] • Kenku waves an arm and the pressure pops.
[12:02am] • Kenku turns and launches itself towards the door, opening its wings and leaping with long strides, soaring into the air and rapidly out of sight.
[12:02am] • Kenku DM
[12:02am] Kenku: ((Gah))
[12:02am] You are now known as DM.
[12:03am] Veata: Damn bird slipped by me again
[12:03am] • Veata punches the wall
[12:03am] • Harmon_Tel laughs
[12:03am] Harmon_Tel: “You okay? Anyone hurt?”
[12:03am] Harmon_Tel: “Besides the knuckles you broke just now, I mean.”
[12:04am] Veata: I’m fine, got a little wind knocked out of me
[12:04am] Valorie: Yeah. . .I’ll be ok. Just spooked
[12:04am] Valorie: I think that bird, wanted to kidnap me! Did anyone else insinuate that?
[12:04am] Veata: I think I caught that too
[12:05am] Harmon_Tel: “He seemed keen on you for something.”
[12:05am] Harmon_Tel: “After asking about secret things from those other two kids. You keeping any trinkets for anyone? FInd anything unusual lying around the tavern?”
[12:06am] • Valorie looks at Veata
[12:06am] Veata: Val…the crystal
[12:06am] Veata: the one the man left with you
[12:06am] Harmon_Tel: “None of my business of course, and no offense if you’ve a secret.”
[12:07am] Harmon_Tel: “I wouldn’t tell someone like me I guess.”
[12:07am] Veata: I know how some kids less fortunate are
[12:07am] • Valorie sighs, and pulls the crystal out, showing Harmon
[12:07am] • Harmon_Tel eyes the crystal without touching it.
[12:08am] Harmon_Tel: ((do I recognize anything about it?))
[12:08am] DM: ((one sec))
[12:10am] Harmon_Tel: “Doesn’t look like much to me.”
[12:11am] • Valorie puts it back in her apron pocket
[12:11am] Valorie: He was a bit of a funny old man
[12:12am] • Veata starts chekcing her pockets and making sure she’s not missing anything
[12:13am] Harmon_Tel: “Some magic on it maybe. Has that feel. Makes the hairs on my wrist stand up. Where’d it come from?”
[12:13am] Valorie: The funny old man
[12:14am] Veata: He’s having Val keep an eye on it…which I’m beginning to think is a bad idea
[12:14am] Valorie: Well I already said I would
[12:15am] • Harmon_Tel raises an eyebrow
[12:15am] Harmon_Tel: “You should keep right on doing whatever you promised.”
[12:15am] Valorie: I don’t think the bird wanted the gem. Sounded more like he wanted information
[12:15am] Harmon_Tel: “But it might not hurt to maybe find an expert to look at it. Know anyone?”
[12:16am] Harmon_Tel: “Hmm, yeah, Val, you might be right there. Looking for those kids at least, anyway.”
[12:16am] Veata: yeah…It might be a good thing we didn’t know where they were
[12:17am] Valorie: I um . . . don’t really want to go to the wizards tower. He sounds mean
[12:17am] You are now known as Reanna.
[12:17am] Harmon_Tel: “Worth calling on the guard and warning them about a mad kenku on the loose?”
[12:17am] Veata: Mind if I take a look?
[12:17am] • Reanna comes in out of the rain. She’s a long-legged, redheaded young woman who also works as a barmaid at the Four Winds at night.
[12:18am] Reanna: Hoooo-ee, that rain just won’t let up!
[12:18am] • Harmon_Tel raise the other eyebrow.
[12:18am] • Reanna sees the crew clustered around the bar.
[12:18am] Reanna: Hey, Val. What’s up?
[12:18am] • Reanna comes over and cranes her neck to see.
[12:19am] Valorie: Rowdy drunk, nothing much
[12:19am] Reanna: Ah. Normal crowd, then?
[12:19am] Harmon_Tel: “If giant birds are normal, yeah.”
[12:20am] Reanna: Well, I’ll go into the back and
[12:20am] • Reanna arches both eyebrows at Harmon.
[12:20am] Reanna: Giant birds?
[12:20am] • Harmon_Tel grins.
[12:20am] Harmon_Tel: “Kenku, I think. Nasty one.”
[12:20am] Veata: Big ones, grubby and govered in bugs
[12:20am] • Reanna shudders.
[12:20am] Reanna: My Momma always told me to keep away from such creatures.
[12:21am] Valorie: I didn’t want to trouble you
[12:21am] • Valorie shoots the other two a look
[12:21am] • Reanna slips behind the bar and playfully bumps rumps with Valorie.
[12:21am] Harmon_Tel: “Looking to eat some kids or something. Know any kids hiding from flying vermin? Oh yeah, it’s a shape-changer, so we’re going to have to not trust you a bit.”
[12:21am] Veata: Don’t worry, we kicked it out
[12:21am] Reanna: You know me, honey; it’s never trouble.
[12:21am] • Valorie bursts into a bit of laugh
[12:22am] Reanna: Kids hiding from giant birds, you say?
[12:22am] • Reanna looks up at the ceiling and thinks.
[12:22am] Veata: That’s about the gist of it
[12:22am] Valorie: What? Its Reanna. You can’t just distrust everyone
[12:22am] Reanna: Oh yeah! There were those two kids a couple nights ago.
[12:22am] Reanna: The girl came in and fell ill, then her brother came in and did the same. Fainted right away.
[12:23am] Veata: Did you catch their names?
[12:23am] Reanna: Everyone here was so concerned, they took ‘em up to beds upstairs, then went out to try to take care of them.
[12:23am] Reanna: Um, Sarah and Piotr, I think. Somethin’ like that.
[12:23am] Veata: Sarai and Peter?
[12:23am] Reanna: That’s it!
[12:24am] Harmon_Tel: “Who was helping them?”
[12:24am] Reanna: But can you imagine that? The whole lot of ‘em, everyone in the tavern, trooping out to find a cure for those poor kids.
[12:24am] Reanna: Brings a tear to my eye, I tell you.
[12:24am] Reanna: Oh, lessee.
[12:24am] Reanna: There was that lizard-fella, Saride I think.
[12:25am] Reanna: And that cute half-elf girl, Ptasa, you know her.
[12:25am] Reanna: I think Eric was there, too.
[12:26am] Reanna: Oh, and Durzek. I think that was all of ’em.
[12:26am] Harmon_Tel: “Lizard-fella? Saride?”
[12:26am] • Harmon_Tel laughs
[12:26am] Veata: I’ve heard these names….but I haven’t seen them around town…and I’ve been around town
[12:26am] • Valorie shrugs at these names
[12:26am] Harmon_Tel: “I know the reptile but that’s it.”
[12:27am] Reanna: Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen hide nor hair of any of ‘em since.
[12:27am] Veata: I heard Ptasa runs a shop…workshop or something like that…
[12:27am] Harmon_Tel: "I think I ran into Durzek as well, but know idea where he’d be."
[12:27am] Reanna: Oh yeah, Ptasa’s workshop. Seems that place is always, well, loud.
[12:27am] • Reanna giggles.
[12:28am] Veata: Loud…like a forge?
[12:28am] Veata: or a blacksmith
[12:28am] Reanna: Naw, she repairs things.
[12:28am] Reanna: Always a boom here or a boom there.
[12:28am] Reanna: I think she rebuilds more than she repairs.
[12:28am] Valorie: Oh. . . I think I heard of her
[12:29am] Valorie: She might be a better person to look at that item you wanted to get looked at Veata
[12:29am] Reanna: Well, if you need to take care of something, honey, I’ll mind the place.
[12:30am] Veata: Perhaps….though I remember passing a workshop…there was a sign on the door that said it was closed…until further notice
[12:30am] Valorie: Oh you mean go . .right now?
[12:30am] Valorie: Oh well there you have it
[12:30am] • Valorie seems relieved
[12:30am] • Reanna rolls her eyes.
[12:31am] Reanna: You can go on, Val! You need to get out more, get some sun on that white skin.
[12:31am] Harmon_Tel: “I’ll walk you there but I have other business to attend to this evening.”
[12:31am] Harmon_Tel: ((got to bail on you all I’m afraid))
[12:31am] Reanna: ((Fair enough! Thanks for playing!))
[12:31am] Harmon_Tel: ((thank you!))
[12:31am] Veata: don’t worry Val, I’ll keep the ruffian’s off ya
[12:31am] Harmon_Tel left the chat room. (Harmon_Tel)
[12:32am] Valorie: But. . . if its not even open
[12:32am] Veata: We can always knock
[12:32am] Valorie: I dislike you all greatly
[12:32am] • Valorie grabs her broom and heads for the door
[12:33am] You are now known as DM.
[12:33am] • Veata giggles and leads Val out the door
[12:34am] DM: ((The rain has abated into a steady drizzle. The few lanterns and the half-full moon reflect oddly on the innumerable puddles that half-fill the streets.))
[12:34am] • Veata pulls up her hood
[12:34am] DM: ((After about ten minutes of failing to stay dry, you find Ptasa’s workshop.))
[12:35am] Valorie: I should have bought a jacket
[12:35am] • Veata knocks on the door, hard calling out hello into the night air
[12:35am] DM: (It’s a medium-sized stone building that’s seen many, many repairs.))
[12:35am] DM: ((You hear a clanking sound.))
[12:36am] Veata: ((this is weird considering we’re Ptasa and Eric))
[12:36am] DM: ((A small window is opened in the door, and the dully-glowing eyes of a warforged look out.))
[12:36am] Valorie: [I was just thinking that]
[12:36am] You are now known as Warforged.
[12:36am] Veata: ((His name is CAPS!
[12:37am] Valorie: Hello . . . Sir. We’re looking for a Miss Ptasa
[12:37am] Warforged: I’m sure you have a reason for getting me up at this hour.
[12:37am] Warforged: Miss Ptasa cannot come to the door right now.
[12:37am] Warforged: She’s left it up to me.
[12:37am] Warforged: She leaves everything up to me, it seems.
[12:37am] Veata: ((
[12:38am] Veata: Well then can you take a look at this for us?
[12:38am] Warforged: Yes, I’m sure I can.
[12:38am] • Valorie gives Veata a look
[12:38am] Warforged: That’s my job; looking at things.
[12:39am] Warforged: All day, every day.
[12:39am] Warforged: That and lifting. And hauling.
[12:39am] • Veata motions for Val to show him the gem
[12:40am] • Valorie reluctantly holds up the gem, making sure she not in arms length of the door
[12:40am] Warforged: It’s a very lovely gem, miss.
[12:40am] Warforged: At least, I suppose it’s lovely.
[12:40am] digitaldraco: (( lol robot abs ))
[12:40am] Warforged: I’m not a very good judge of prettiness.
[12:40am] Veata: We need to have it arcanely checked
[12:40am] Warforged: Ah.
[12:41am] Warforged: And I suppose you want me to recommend someone?
[12:41am] Valorie: Perhaps you can tell us when the lady will e back in’
[12:41am] Veata: If you could…we were hoping that Miss Ptasa would take a look
[12:41am] Warforged: I honestly couldn’t say, miss.
[12:42am] Warforged: I’m sure Miss Ptasa would love to take a look at it.
[12:42am] Warforged: I’d be happy to deliver it to her.
[12:42am] Veata: Might there be another wecould talk to here? I heard Miss Ptasa was young…does she have a parent here or someone?
[12:42am] • Valorie pockets the gem
[12:43am] Warforged: ((I don’t know; does she?))
[12:43am] Veata: ((Her father, his eyesight isn’t the greatest…he wears really thick glasses because of it))
[12:44am] Warforged: ((Ah, OK, I wasn’t quite clear on that from the character sheet, whether he still lived here or not.))
[12:44am] Warforged: ((What’s his name?))
[12:44am] Veata: ((He’s got stuff at the tavern, not all there yet though and his name is Thom))
[12:45am] Warforged: Miss Ptasa lives here with her father, my master, Master Thomas.
[12:45am] Warforged: He owns me, you see.
[12:45am] Warforged: Body and…….body.
[12:45am] • Valorie becomes noticeably uncomfortable at thos
[12:46am] Warforged: I see I’ve made you uncomfortable, miss.
[12:46am] Warforged: I’m most terribly sorry.
[12:46am] Warforged: I seem to be very good at making people uncomfortable.
[12:47am] Veata: Might we see Master Thomas then?
[12:47am] Valorie: Its fine. Im fine. . . Your fine
[12:47am] Warforged: ((OK, OOC time. What has Ptasa told her father?))
[12:48am] Veata: (Probably nothing, Ptasa’s dad doesn’t like Eric)
[12:48am] Valorie: [Hes charming!]
[12:49am] Warforged: ((But they’re all holed up here, in a basement or something, right?))
[12:49am] Warforged: ((hahahaha, yeah, he has self-esteem issues.))
[12:49am] Veata: ((probably moved into the basement, they were in her room))
[12:50am] Warforged: ((Does Thom know that any of these people are living here?))
[12:50am] You are now known as Wallace.
[12:50am] Wallace: ((Does Wallace the Warforged know? [Ptasa could make him forget]))
[12:50am] Veata: He probably knows that there are people there but horrible eyesight means he might not recognize them unless he gets up in their face))
[12:51am] Wallace: ((OK, but presumably he’d ask about these strange people living in his workshop.))
[12:52am] Veata: ((Yes but Ptasa would probably give different names and tell them it’s vital that people don’t find out))
[12:53am] Wallace: ((OK, gotcha.))
[12:53am] Wallace: ((What does Wallace know about them?))
[12:55am] Veata: ((He’d probably know that they are being quiet and aren’t doing much down there besides whispereing…and eating food))
[12:55am] Wallace: ((Cool.))
[12:55am] • Wallace sighs.
[12:55am] Wallace: As you might not have noticed, miss, it is rather late at night.
[12:56am] Wallace: Might I be so bold as to enquire as to the exact nature of your business, so as not to get scolded too badly when I awake my master?
[12:56am] • Valorie looks to Veata to answer
[12:57am] Veata: We had some problem with a kenku in a bar and we think he’s either after us for information or the gem
[12:58am] Wallace: Ah.
[12:58am] Wallace: A problem.
[12:59am] Wallace: I see.
[12:59am] Wallace: Well, then, by all means.
[12:59am] Wallace: ((The door opens onto a cramped hallway.))
[12:59am] • Veata goes in
[01:00am] • Valorie stays close behind Veata, not wanting to be too close to another construct
[01:01am] • Wallace clanks off into the darkness, leaving only a sputtering candle behind on the sideboard.
[01:01am] • Veata waits
[01:01am] Valorie: He seems off
[01:02am] Veata: well the store looks like it’s been closed for a while…might need to work
[01:02am] Wallace: ((A few moments later, the sounds of shuffling feet come towards you.))
[01:02am] You are now known as Thom.
[01:03am] • Thom shuffles towards the girls. He wears disheveled bed-clothes and is rubbing his eyes sleepily.
[01:03am] Veata: We’re sorry to wake you sir
[01:03am] Valorie: Um yeah. Sorry Sir
[01:03am] • Thom carries a candle of his own, which shakes more than one might expect.
[01:04am] • Thom squints hard at the girls, stopping a respectful distance away.
[01:04am] • Thom looks surprisingly old.
[01:04am] Thom: And, er, to what do I owe the pleasure?
[01:05am] Thom: Oh, no, I’m sorry.
[01:05am] Thom: I’m Thomas.
[01:05am] Thom: And you are…?
[01:05am] Veata: My name is Veata Overhill
[01:05am] Valorie: I’m Valorie. I work at the Four Winds. Just recent
[01:05am] • Veata makes a bow out of respect for elders
[01:06am] Thom: I see. And to what do I owe the pleasure?
[01:06am] • Valorie fails a curtsey
[01:06am] Thom: Wallace said something about a jewel?
[01:06am] Veata: Yes we have something that needs to get looked at. Might you be able to do that for us?
[01:06am] Thom: Why certainly!
[01:06am] • Valorie takes the jewel out and moves closer to Thom
[01:07am] • Thom squints and looks closely at it.
[01:07am] Thom: A fine gem, that it is.
[01:07am] Veata: we need it…arcanely looked at
[01:07am] Thom: Ah! I see.
[01:07am] Veata: we had some trouble and are worried it might be the cause
[01:07am] Thom: Well, that is a different matter.
[01:08am] • Thom runs his hands over the gem.
[01:08am] • Thom takes several deep breaths and hums strange words.
[01:08am] Thom: There is certainly a powerful magic in this gem.
[01:08am] Thom: What is it you wish to know?
[01:08am] • Veata tapped her chin
[01:09am] Valorie: Anything really. . . right?
[01:09am] Veata: Just to make sure it’s not linked to anyone or thing…we don’t want unnecessary visits from people who might want to kill us for it
[01:09am] Veata: and whatever else you can tell us
[01:10am] Thom: Oh, well, it’s certainly connected to someone.
[01:10am] Thom: Several someones, I’d say.
[01:10am] Veata: Several?
[01:10am] Thom: Several.
[01:11am] • Thom takes a deep, shuddering breath.
[01:11am] Thom: It’s protected by some very powerful wards, as well.
[01:11am] Valorie: Me?
[01:11am] Thom: Sorry?
[01:12am] • Thom blinks.
[01:12am] Valorie: Is it connected to me?
[01:12am] • Thom squints hard at Valorie.
[01:12am] Veata: If this tiring for you sir, we can do see someone else
[01:12am] Thom: My word.
[01:13am] Thom: You’re…well…..that is remarkable.
[01:13am] Valorie: Um. . .Im sorry sir?
[01:13am] Thom: It’s connec—
[01:13am] • Thom slumps to the ground.
[01:13am] You are now known as Wallace.
[01:13am] • Wallace clanks up.
[01:13am] Valorie: Oh my
[01:13am] Wallace: Oh dear.
[01:13am] • Veata stoops down quickly
[01:13am] Wallace: He’s done it again.
[01:14am] Wallace: I shall have to take him back to his bed.
[01:15am] Wallace: I trust you can find your way to the door?
[01:15am] Valorie: This happens regularly?
[01:15am] Wallace: I wouldn’t say regularly, miss.
[01:16am] Veata: Alot as of late?
[01:16am] Wallace: But the master does tend to exert himself rather more than might by some be considered wise.
[01:16am] Wallace: More as of late, yes.
[01:16am] Valorie: Is there really no way to see this Ptasa? He was about to tell us something
[01:17am] Wallace: I believe it is time for you to go, miss.
[01:17am] Veata: C’mon Val…
[01:17am] Valorie: Very well. Back out into the rain
[01:18am] • Veata starts guiding val out



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