Captain Nathan Faringway

Captain of the Fallcrest Guard


Nathan Faringray is the Captain of the Fallcrest guard. He is a good-looking male human around 40 years of age, dressed smartly in his guard uniform. Golden epaulets and higher quality arms and armor easily make him distinguishable from the common town guardsman.

Faringray has a reputation as a stern, but friendly, man. Socialable and welcoming, he is remarkably tolerant of the foibles and eccentricities of others so long as they don’t break the law or threaten Fallcrest and the people in it. To those who do run afoul of the law, Faringray has is known as a hard, but fair, man who brooks no nonsense.

Faringray has recently been seen sheparding along a new set of guard recruits and has consequently been spending more time at the Four Winds Tavern relaxing and drinking to deal with the frustration of training a group of mud-stained pig farmers into respectable town guards.

Captain Nathan Faringway

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