Norinn Bradmeer

Norinn is run by Draco. If you have game questions while he's being played, just /msg Norinn_Bradmeer!


Norinn is new to the city of Fallcrest, according to those who keep track of such things. He arrived just a few short weeks ago and took up lodgings at the Four Winds Tavern. Those who’ve heard him talking say he claims to hail from some far-off city called Waterdeep, and that his coming here wasn’t exactly intentional.

He spends many of his hours doing research at the Septarch’s Tower, visiting with Nimozaran the
Green, and will eagerly talk with any residents who show an interest in magic and local happenings.

Also of note is the long tailed monkey that hangs around him almost constantly. The animal has a personality of its own, though Norinn never seems to mention its name, if it has one.

Norinn Bradmeer

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