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The Ill Children

[12:34am] • EricGlasshammer watches with amused interest
[12:35am] • Ptasa dissapears into the kitchen and starts a pot for tea. “Would anyone else like some?”
[12:35am] EricGlasshammer: Yes miss, that sounds lovely
[12:35am] • Ptasa pops her head out of the kitchen door and glares at Eric.
[12:35am] Durzek: “My ale serves me well at present.”
[12:36am] • EricGlasshammer just smiles
[12:36am] Ptasa: I’ll have the tea out in just a few moments
[12:36am] • Ptasa goes back into the kitchen
[12:36am] • Saride opens an eye and looks at Durzek. “What are you and what should I call you?”
[12:37am] EricGlasshammer: Thank youou!
[12:37am] Saride: ((worth noting that Saride is a 7-foot tall lizard and very much a foreigner here))
[12:38am] Durzek: I am Durzek, Pelor’s chosen voice from the dwarves.
[12:38am] EricGlasshammer: ((to Saride)) He worships the sun
[12:39am] Saride: “This Pelor chooses well. You have a mighty voice, Durzek. Well met. I am Saride.”
[12:39am] Saride: “I worship nothing.”
[12:41am] • Ptasa backs out of the kitchen tray in hands with a steaming tea pot and three mugs and a little jar of honey and a picture of cream. She goes and puts in on the table and starts pouring a cup for Saride before bringing it over. “Make sure you drink that whole bottle with this or else it wont work. It’s also very bitter.”

Fallcrest findings 10 Shinakeche
What I have discovered so far about humans

Fallcrest anatake (fa-le-ka-re-sa-tu)

(Translated from the Ame Khane language)

I have been in Fallcrest for several days now, observing the inhabitants and trying to find a place for myself. I have discovered many interesting and useful things.

The Kenku Returns

[10:10pm] • AMysteriousFigure enters the tavern.
[10:10pm] BrianLiberge is now known as Valorie.
[10:10pm] • AMysteriousFigure is dressed in a dusty black traveling cloak.
[10:11pm] • Valorie leans bored against the bar
[10:11pm] TDM is now known as Veata.
[10:11pm] • AMysteriousFigure sees Valorie and strides over.
[10:11pm] • AMysteriousFigure says in a raspy, middle-aged man’s voice:
[10:11pm] • Veata is leaning on the bar as well, but in a seat and paying attention mostly to her beverage
[10:14pm] Veata: ((Veata is not on there but she’s a rouge/sorcerer theiftaker theme, half elf with dilatante of course))
[10:15pm] Valorie: I can’t believe you talked me into buying that – sees the new patron Hello stranger! Have a seat?
[10:15pm] AMysteriousFigure: Ah. You work here, then?
[10:15pm] • AMysteriousFigure gracefully takes a seat, face still hidden.
[10:16pm] Valorie: I do! Care for a drink. There is a local ale on tap, that I’m told is very fine
[10:16pm] • Veata gives a grin to Valorie before eyeing the mysterious figure
[10:16pm] • AMysteriousFigure chuckles.
[10:16pm] AMysteriousFigure: I am no stranger to the local ales.

Rhys Mayberry Can't Speak

[8:44pm] BadlandsBill: ((You are all sitting in Henley’s Tavern.))
[8:44pm] BadlandsBill: ((From the outside, it appeared to be a relatively unremarkable stone building.))
[8:44pm] gamefiend: arbiter, is it crowded?
[8:44pm] Arbiter: gamefiend: No.
[8:45pm] BadlandsBill: ((The Common Room’s paneled walls, heavy beams, and well-worn wooden floors attest to the tavern’s age.))
[8:45pm] Atminn: Arbiter Is it daytime?
[8:45pm] Arbiter: Atminn: Yes.
[8:45pm] BadlandsBill: ((The walls are covered with layers of bric-a-brac accumulated over the course of three centuries.))
[8:45pm] BadlandsBill: ((In one corner, 8 old men debate something furiously.))
[8:45pm] BJMurray: ((I’d bring wormy in here but the risk of an infobot loop is high))
[8:45pm] Atminn: Arbiter Am I already drunk?
[8:45pm] Arbiter: Atminn: No.
[8:46pm] gamefiend is now known as Peso.
[8:46pm] • BadlandsBill walks up. He is a human in his mid-teens, who looks harried.


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