Guidelines For Play

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The Nentir Vale

The general setting is the default D&D 4e setting. Specifically, the Nentir Vale. More specifically, the city of Fallcrest. Any details in the core D&D books regarding these places is generally considered accurate and usable.

If you come across something on the wiki here that contradicts that information, the wiki information overrides the books. If you’re unsure about something, consult a DM!

Freeform Role Playing On The 4eAtWill IRC Server

General Info for the FFRP channels

There are no requirements to play in the freeform channels other than your imagination and a D&D 4e character concept! You don’t need anyone’s permission. Just find someone who wants to play and start! That said, it is helpful to have a character page on this site, at least to help people (DMs and players alike) keep track of who’s who. Plus, in a small city like Fallcrest, it’s likely everyone has at least heard of most everyone else.

You don’t need to create a fully playable character unless you want to participate in the online adventures (see below). A quick write-up of the character’s appearance and publicly known facts will suffice for play in the FFRP channels.

For now, let’s keep it to one character per player, and we’ll expand as needed/wanted.

Want a quick sample of freeform role play? Click here!

Common FFRP Channels

  1. #Fallcrest
  2. #FourWindsTavern
  3. #YourMomsBasement
  4. Etc.

Creating New Channels

Location-specific channels may be created as needed, generally with the approval of a Mod.

Example situations that could necessitate the creation of a new channel:

  • Current channel is too noisy.
  • Players wish to visit a specific in-world location not covered by current channel locations.

Looking For Game: Adventures!

General info for Online Adventures

Players wanting a bit more action out of the persistent world may sign up for online Virtual Table or Maptools games run by one of the Mods.

Here’s how this will work: click me!

Adventures will be posted to the Calendar.

Character Creation Guidelines

  • Starting characters should be between level 1-5, based on how much prior experience you want the character to have. More levels should come with more back-story!
  • If it’s in the character builder / Rules Compendium , it’s usable. (With DM discretion.)
    • Note that the campaign does take place in Nentir, so if you make something that is normally from a different world or plane, like a Thri-Kreen or a Shadar-kai, having an explanation as to how and why it’s now in the Vale would be helpful!

Guidelines For Play

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