News from the Nentir Vale

Word from the South

Harken Forest
  • Several weeks ago, ashes filled the sky over the trees of the forest, drifting west from the direction of Harkenwold. Once trade resumed with Fallcrest, merchants from the villages confirmed that there were fires, but have been very tight-lipped about the cause, insisting that things are fine now.
  • The druids of Harken’s Heart seem to be on high alert, according to anyone who strays near the woods.
The Witchlight Fens
  • The lizardfold of the fens are being stirred to action, harassing a few small villages along the Nentir River.

Word from the North

Word from the West

  • Dwarven stonemasons have been hired to begin work on repairing the ruins of an old wizard’s tower.

Word from the East

News from the Nentir Vale

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