The People from the far south

Far to the south is a little known country of lizardfolk that call themselves The People.

These lizardfolk have an affinity for all things objectively holy — that is, those things that relate to the side of Creation in the Fall. They are powerful carnivores and are fully literate. They have a deep mistrust of all humans though there are individuals that reject this. They are exceptional weaponsmiths, holding the key to steel working, which legend says was stolen from them by humans in ancient times.

The sword Inevitable is in their possession and they view it as a holy relic. They are above all honourable, a trait that has been their downfall in war.

The lizardfolk kingdom closest to human habitation is the Ame Khana.

Lizardfolk spend a long time maturing — more so even than humans — during which period they are “hatchlings”. Some small percentage of hatchlings eat their sibling eggs if given the opportunity, which is usually a sign of serious mental deficiencies. These eggeaters often revert to animal instincts, becoming outcasts and living wild and alone. These animal regressions may even revert to quadrapedal locomotion.

Technically lizardfolk are not reptiles as they are warm-blooded and are better describes as saurian. Their biological relationship is about midway between alligator-like large reptiles and the large birds. Their warm-bloodedness makes them well suited to most environments and they can spend as much time active as humans, though they prefer drier and warmer climates in general. They have powerfully muscled upper bodies, however, well suited to tool use including wielding weapons very effectively.

Lizardfolk suffer from the spiritual disease of Lust, and their entire culture is structured around ways to prevent it from triggering the next great migration. Individuals that are beginning to lose control are sometimes exiled where they may revert to animal nature or otherwise cope with their hungers. Sometimes, however, they are isolated within the military — used as the kernel of terrifying shock troops, spurred on to suicidal ferocity by the nearly insane among them. (Thanks blakkie!)

In the Ame Khana Kingdoms, and indeed in almost all lizardfolk cities, the core organisation is the Legion. The Legion is the military and it has deep rules of etiquette and heraldry as it arose as an early solution to Lust: by placing strict constraints on behaviour, Lust can be somewhat ameliorated. This is the core of the Civilised trait. Young lizardfolk are raised by no one in particular, though typically someone will take the role of Clutch-keeper and ensure that all the young are accounted for and taught cultural basics.

Lizardfolk everywhere like games, but unlike their human counterparts, games of chance like dice are not popular. Reptiles prefer games of strategy and there are several that have long cultural histories with rich strategic depth along the lines of both chess and go.

The People from the far south

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